False Alarm

24 Hour Contest


3. Chateau

    She glared at me with those eyes that I always feared in my entire life. "First, the airport. Second, during your abscond," Aunt Haylie began as she rested her hands on her hips as eyebrows gathered in one long line. "I've always taught you of self control!" 

    "Indeed you do," I answered back in a measly volume. "It's all an accident. Stop accusing me of killing Hazel and setting that guard on flames!" I added, this time I shouted; hurt from the accusations. 

    "You don't know?" Aunt asked with a questioning look. 

    "Know what?" 

    "Nothing" She replied abruptly. 

     I ran my hands through my hair and ordered her, "Tell me". 

     Jasper came in and held his hands to cover my eyes. "Chill," he whispered in my ears almost touching his lips in my ears. Surprisingly, I calmed down. 

     What the hell's wrong with me? 

     "Aunt, maybe 'cause of Darkness." He chatted. I moved my head to look at his direction but failed because his hands came in between to stop me. I raised my hands to remove the hand that covered my eyes.

     "What Darkness?" I looked at both of them as they exchanged looks. "Oh please."

     "Remember Hazel?" She questioned and received my nod. "She is one of us. She sees auras and we are all aware of that. Somehow she goes on telling something weird about your aura, that suddenly it shifts into dark but then returns but the last time you talked to her, that was when complete blackness surrounded you, isn't it?"

     I still don't get her point. 

     Aunt continued as she played with her brown curls, "Darkness. He will come. He has arrived. But too late for us to know, sweetie. He has come for you.  Every self control I had taught you it was all for nothing. I thought you're prepared! I was wrong. He will ruin your soul and drive you in madness." Aunt is looking worried and sad as the hope began to decrease in her. "I have prayed for our strength," She paused and took a deep breath, "but ... but I'm afraid he'll consume you! He will consume you. " 

     I don't understand. I don't know how to react but something inside me had burned. He'll consume you. It runs in my mind continuously. My blood is on fire and I can no longer think clear. I clenched my fists, my teeth gritted, my breathing accelerated. Bones, how come I am thinking of them? I can't be so cruel. Con... What was that word? Cortal? No. Something with Con, contral? No. Co... con... teral...Co.. cor... No! I'm forgetting things. 

    "No!" I shouted in fear with the highest volume my voice can achieve. . 

     I ducked and covered my head as tears rolled down my cheeks. "No, no, no, no, no..." I repeated over and over again. I could be overreacting but I doubt. 

     Seconds passed.

     Minutes passed. 

     My mind started to clear out. My jaw dropped as I caught sight of the scene laying in front of me. Aunt is still on her red cardigan but she is thinner. Not the thin you think but the slimness of someone who haven't eaten for months with her bones almost visible. Jasper, his shoulders, lower leg, scarcely having flesh with bones tucking its way out. 

     "Sorry." I croaked as I watched them lying on the floor, barely breathing. "What have I done?" I cried. 

     I started biting my fingers that I can taste the salty tears going its way at my hands as I rapidly scan for solutions. 

     "Sorry," I whispered. "Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...." I repeated over and over again. 

     My legs straighten as clasp my hands. First, Hazel. I didn't really like her. I envy her. She reads auras,  Mason never had the chance to have an eye on me, she's always better, prettier, smarter, etc. I once played in arcades with a gun thinking her as the target and I actually got high score. Second, the guard. I cursed in my thoughts when he interrupted me when I was suffering with fire in my throat. Third, Aunt and Jasper. I can't decipher. 

    "My fault." I murmured. 

     Pay what you owed. 

     Return what you took. 

     My legs started moving towards the terrace of the building. 


     Your fault.  


     I closed my eyes, knowing I won't get the chance to open them after my next step. 


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