False Alarm

24 Hour Contest


1. Airport

      I hate crowds, I always hated them; valid or not, they make me sick. My eyes played from one person to another until it rested on a man in mid twenties in his black tux that seems over-sized that I end up assuming that its not owned personally. Either way, his suit was pretty outlandish in this place, considering this to be an airport. 

      As I looked at my old Rolex watch, I yawned. 1:02 AM. I sighed. 

      "Mandy!" A familiar voice called me. In her usual sundress, Hazel hopped in my direction as her lips curved to a smile. "How's life?" 

      "Nothing." I replied. As I realized the unusual tone in my voice, I added, "Errr... I meant just fine." 

      She eyed me carefully, a little bit suspicious or kinda hurt. No doubt about the origin of her name for her eyes speaks the fact. 

      "What?" I asked.

      "You look pissed off. Your aura doesn't match." She responded worriedly at she bit her lips. "Are you angry?"

      I raised an eyebrow, unable to progress what she meant. "Stop kidding around. Look, your hair is in a mess." I reached her blonde her to comb it with my bare hands just as she dodged. "What?"

      "Mandy," she enunciated. "Listen carefully. You have nothing but black around you and I haven't met anyone with that in my entire life, just you. The last time I met you, your aura was just like the normal ones. But - "


      A gunshot.

      Fast enough in a crowd that things went blur. Everyone aimed for the exit and even the entrances served as their way out but I remained, not even moved an inch. My knees shook with great magnitude and noises from my teeth that chattered came clearer. The gears in my mind seemed rusted and coiled up that it can no longer function nor my muscles can operate. Only until several long seconds that I started to activate and  lifted my feet and moved towards the clearing. Impressed that people keep out from bumping me, I smiled until several security guards came visible few meters away from me. 

       "Excuse me, Miss,"  A thin tall guard said as he traced the edges of his gun tucked near his hips.

       I stared at the four of them and hesitated. Raising my hands, I pointed to myself questionable when that same man nodded.

       "You're under arrest." 

       My eyes widened as my heartbeat raced. I turned just when I saw Hazel lying face down on the floor. Blood. Ew. A pool of blood scattered their way underneath her. I shuddered in horror.

       "Hazel!" I screamed and ran towards her. 

       I couldn't manage to go any more closer lesser than a meter away. There's a whole in her back that showed how the bullet must have hit her. In the chest maybe. How could this be? I was just beside her few minutes ago, I could have been hit too. Spilled blood traced their way out of her body, created their own gulches on the floor. I moved for a closer look that I jerked right away when I saw her eyes. She's dead but anger is visible in her eyes, those hazel, wasted eyes.  Myth said that if they die with open eyes, they will come back to punch their revenge. 

      I stood without moving as I stared at the lifeless body next to me. Realization all of a sudden hit me. Cold, heavy, bizarre. Something hung in my hand. 

     Just then I knew. The world turned and I can merely find air to breathe but I didn't wait a chance.

     I screamed. 

     It was a gun.

     I am holding the gun.

     Not just a gun. But the gun. The gun that killed her.

     No way



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