It all started with a tweet

Megan Gullivar and Riley Hayward are best friends and they always tweet One direction intell one day Harry and Liam and Niall tweet them back and that one tweet changes there ife


2. Twitcam

  Riley's POV

   after we finished are huge freack out session Meg got a Twitcam call"Answer it"i yelled"Ok"she yelled back.We answered the call and three of the dreamy boys of 1D"Hello"Harry said"Hi"me and Meg said at the same time"So what are your names"Liam asked"Im Riley and this is Megan"i said pointing to Megan who was speachless and i looked at Niall and he was spechless too.Awwwwwwwwwww Nialler thinks Megan is pretty" Louis said in the backround Niall and Megan both blushed and i looked at Liam and he mouthed somthing to me i think he said We should hook them up sometime i just nodded my head and he smiled.I looked back over to see Niall and Megan with there faces down in there phones probaly talking to eachother.Right when i was about to sayh something my Phone bepped i got a text from Meg

  From:Megan-Niall said he wants to Hang with me and you and he will bring along your fav band member who do you wanna bring?

   To Megan-Tell him to bring Hazza and Liam i answered back

  From Megan-ok

    After that Niall said "Well do you wanna hang with us Tommorow Liam and Harry""Who is Us"Harry asked"Meg and Riley"he said"oh ya sure"Liam answered"Yay"i said see you guys tommorow then?"i asked "ok"where do you wanna meet"Harry said"Starbucks!!"Me and Meg said at the same time"OK,Starbucks it is"he said"Bye"Harry said"Bye"i said"Bye Liam said"Bye i said"Bye"Megan said"Wait can we have your numbers"Niall asked"Ya sure"me and Megan said.We gave them our numbers and said bye then me and Meg went to bed with smiles on our faces

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