It all started with a tweet

Megan Gullivar and Riley Hayward are best friends and they always tweet One direction intell one day Harry and Liam and Niall tweet them back and that one tweet changes there ife


4. Nialler

  Megan's POV

 "Riley get up now Niall just texted me and said he will be here in a half hour"I yelled from the bathroom

 "Ok calm down gez"she yelled back

 I quickly got a shower and changed into some Purple skinny jeans and a Black top with big yellow lettering saying Belive in yourself.I did my hair in lose curls and pinded my side bang back

 "Are you ready Meg"Riley yelled from her room

 "Ya one sec"i yelled back

  I Quickly put on a pair of sparkly Black Toms and walked over to Rileys room.

  Riley's POV

 I had my hair down and streght with my Green skinny jeans and Orange keep calm shirt.

  "You look perfect"Meg said as we were walking to the door

  "You too"i said back

 "Ding Dong"we heard the door bell go off and we both ran to get it in a matter of seconds Niall,Liam and Harry were standing in front of us with huge smiles on thiere faces.

   Niall's POV

 The first thing i was gonna do today was get to know Megan better she looked absoultly gourges.

 "Starbucks"they both yelled running to the car leaving me and the boys there lauging.

"So Niall when are you and Little Meg going on a date"Liam wispered in my ear.It looked like Harry could hear us and he looked very angry oh no Harry's gonna steal Meg because he gets ALL the girls.

  Harry's POV

 I really like Meg and i know Nialls gonna be mad but i have to get her and call her mine.I looked back to see Liam texting and the girls lauging then my phone went off

 From Liam-Please say that your not gonna take Meg on Niall not only is it gonna upset Niall but it will upset Meg to because she will have to choose between you.

  To Liam-I can't help it that i like her and im not gonna presher her im just gonna let her choose.

  God me and Niall are gonna have a war because Liams gonna be on Nialls side,Louis is gonna be on my side and Zayn will probaly stay out of it but the only person i have to convince is Riley but she got a thing with Liam so im probaly gonna lose Meg before i even get her.


      Awwwwwww poor Harry i feel bad for him.Comment if you are team Miall or team Hagen.I know im not good at nicknames but whatever

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