It all started with a tweet

Megan Gullivar and Riley Hayward are best friends and they always tweet One direction intell one day Harry and Liam and Niall tweet them back and that one tweet changes there ife


6. Hate

  Liams POV

 To-Hazza I understand that you can't help it but i know how you treat girls and i don't want you to hurt her.

  I wasent trying to be mean to Haz or anything but he sorta treats girls like they are a peice of Shit(Exscuse to language)

  From-Hazza i knew you would chose Niall over me:(

 No i wasent choosing sides you know what ill text Lou

  To-Lou Niall likes a girl burt so does Hazza but it seems like the girl likes Ni and now Hazza is getting mad at me because he is saying that im choosing sides please help

  From-Lou Sorry Lou but Hazza hasent been in love for three years what if hes actully in love im gonna sopport him

 Well Lou Isent helping me mabey Zayn will

  To-Zayn Niall and Harry are in love with a girl and it looks like the girl choses Ni please Help

 From-Zayn Sorry Mate not gonna get involved

     From-Ri <3 I saw ur contacts nice Heart by my Name 

 Well this is embaricing i looked back to see Riley smiling she truly was beautiful.


   Megan's POV

     I decided to go on Twitter

 @Meg_Loves1D Hanging out with the awsome @Nialloffical @Harry_Styles @Real_Liam_Payne and @Riley_XO_Hayward.

  After i tweeted that my phone buzzed it was Twitter

  @Harry_Styles Why thank you i know im awsome @Meg_Loves1D

     @Meg_Loves1D If it will help you sleep at night @Harry_Styles.


   After me and Harry had are mini Twitter fight i decided to look at my page


 @Hannah_Styles48 Ewwwwwww Why are you hanging out with 1D your ugly

 @Jorden123Hatfeild Why are you being so mean she is beautiful @Hannah_Styles48

 @Eliza-jones-fabuLouis you are such a slut

 @Jorden123Hatfeild i wish i could meet her she seems so nice

 @Meg_Loves1D I would love to meet you if you come to Starbucks near the east end we can meet @Jorden123Hatfeild

 @Jorden123Hatfeild Im hear Omg i see you ill be over there in a second


  Moments Later a Beautiful girl with Ginger hair walked over and said

  "Hi my name is Jorden"

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