is it really?

this is not really a fanfic as such but its about me hi im angel daniels and im going to tell you how I fell in love with harry styles.


1. sleepover.

angels POV:

just as I placed my pillow on top of my neatly made bed I heard a little tap on the front door. I recognised that knock is was the one and only..

"TABBY!" for those who don't know who the wonderful tabby is shes my best friend / sister we have been through every thing together. okay that sounded cheesy let me start that again. we are super close.. yeah that's sounds better.

"ANGEL!" haha I love this girl.

"come in your soaked" I commented as I pulled in her bag from the rain.

"haha no shit Sherlock" did I forget to mention she is very sarcastic.

"haha come on lets put your bag in my room, you can borrow a t and shorts while your clothes dry off." I told her while hanging her hoodie and socks on the radiator and placing the converse in the porch. we also LOVE our converse its our goal in life to buy design possible before we reach 25.

"thx chick"

as tabby got changed into the shorts and t I gave her from my draws I went down stairs to collect my laptop and drinks with a sneaky bag of harribo smurfs.

"so what do you want to do?" tabby asked while taking the can of dr pepper from my grip. "erm movie and mystery chat?" "Yeah! sure that's always fun" for those who don't know what mystery chat is its a chat room whats anonymous so you don't know who your talking to, you have the option of talking on web cam or just normal typing chat.

we have been on mystery chat now for a while watching dear john I will admit I had a little weep.

"tabby im getting bored now" I stated while taking a harribo smuf out of the packet between tabby and I on the white carpet. did I mention we had the house to our self's for a week because our parents went away on holiday together. 

"okayokay me to angel lets do one more ill do cam you do chat yeah? deal?"

she told me more than asked while her eyes were glues to the screen.


a new stanger popped up heres the chat:

stranger: hi (: xx"

angel: hey xx

stranger: so how are you?

angel: im alright thank you ust tired how about yourself?

stranger: good (: , yeah fine thax.

angel : that's good

stranger: so whats your name?

angel : angel , and yours?

stranger: edward

angel: cool

stranger: not really have you ever met a cool person called Edward?.

angel: yeah a few actually

stranger: haha, so how old are you angel?

angel: im 15 and yourself?

stranger: that's cool , 19

angel: okay

stranger: so where abouts are you from? if you don't mind me asking?

angel: no not at all im from England, you?

stranger: yeah me too , Cheshire, you?

angel: really?! me too

stranger: yeah haha

angel: whats your last name I might know you?

stranger: you wont believe me..

angel: give me a try?

stranger: my name harry Edward styles.

wow wow wow news flash harry styles ha wow how dumb does he think I am?!

angel: okay course you are.

stranger: I have to go but I want to keep in touch you seem..erm.. different.

angel: okay well im sorry but I don't really feel commutable giving my details to you.

stranger: I know its fine, well do you have kik? I could quickly make an account now?

angel: erm well I suppose I could always block you if need be, okay yeah angelsfly26 (made up) 

stranger: okay ill kik you know, bye love (:

stranger has disconnected.

what the hell just happened I turned to face tabby who was deep in conversation with a not so bad looking boy about our age. I cant tell her can I she wont believe it either.  I was snaped out of my thoughts when

"so anyone interesting? hello? angel are you there?"

"oh yeah sorry haha nope nobody, you?"

"not really just him" she said while gesturing her hand towards the screen while winking at the boy to  indicate she was joking.

im going to go get ready for bed tabs. I wasn't expecting a reply considering she was back in her conversation.


I was brushing my hair and tying up my red hair while waiting for my shower to heat up. I had capital on in the background like usual. the song 'the way' by ariana grande which was playing softened to indicate a new message I glanced at the top of the iPhone 4s screen to see 'KiK: harry: hi again xx' I tapped the notification before it disappeared.

I typed: hey (: so your the 'real' harry styles then ;)

I did the wink face to indicate I was fooled. practically straight away there was a blue dot next to the chat to tell me I have a new message.

harry: so you don't believe me? ):

me: I have no reason too?

harry: okay on my next vine I will do a really weird # , yeah?

me : okay deal, ill have to go bye.

harry: bye beautiful.

I hopped into the shower did what I needed to do then slipped on my dads t-shirt I found in the clean laundry pile and got into bed to fine tabs was already fast asleep with her phone in her hands. I pulled the phone out of her grasp to see she had got who I believe to be called reo's kik. he wasn't bad looking either I giggled to my self as I read the chat. god my friends such a flirt. I placed the phone on the table beside my bed and snuggled into my covers. is it really him? only time will tell. for now I need to sleep.



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