is it really?

this is not really a fanfic as such but its about me hi im angel daniels and im going to tell you how I fell in love with harry styles.


3. real or coinsidence?

ive been awoken by my lovely best friends foot in my face, but in all seriousness I think she should do gymnastics because she can do it in her sleep. LITERALLY! haha I checked my phone to see its only 8:30am i scrolled through my notifications all of them either being from twitter or emails about a 'prize ive won' or compensation but there was one that caught my eye another kik from harry.

harry: hey love I know you will be sleeping now but I just wanted to tell you I posted the vine. sweet dreams xx

i closed kik and tapped my twitter app. hit search and types @harry_styles here we go last tweet 08:12am  "the rock 'n' roller bus #swaggyboredface" i giggled to myself after reading the very camp # haha.

i opened kik back up

me : thank you , hmm. so there's 1 piece of evidence proving your real and 100s proving your not :P sorry i have serious trust issues..

i placed my phone back onto the bed side table and drifted of into another deep sleep. but hopefully this time i wont wake up to tabs foot or any other part of her body near me. she need to learn to control her body hehe.

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