is it really?

this is not really a fanfic as such but its about me hi im angel daniels and im going to tell you how I fell in love with harry styles.


7. oh shoot!

harrys POV:

im now looking in the drivers rear view mirror that is parked in the towns main carpark. okay here goes nothing about to meet the girl i have fell in love with over the months we have known eachother. okay okay i know i havent even met her face to face but ive seen pictures of her and texted her non stop. i dont know what it is about her but her sense of humour and random comemts brighten my day. in the town centre is loads of different shops almost outlining a circle. im stood outside the stairs that lead up to the carpark thats on the roof.

im now scanning the busy shopping crouds looking for my angel.....oh god that was very cheesy even for me wow...anyyyywayy..


angel POV:

AAAAAAAAARRRRRHHHHHH! i heard a peircing coming from behind my back. i was just about to turn round to find the person the screem was created by when harry interwined out fingers and grabbed tabbys wrist.

"GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME!" i could hear tabby yelling at harry as we ran past boots. i looked over at tabby for a split second but before i had a chance to tell her to calm down we had stopped. we were now in a alley-. what the hell?

"harry what the hell are we doing here?! and what was all that?!" tabby was yelling at the top of her voice.

"HARRY SER-" i was stopped by harrys hand being thrown over my mouth i was about to scream when i heard what sounded like.. a hurd of animals charging, i turned to face the end of the alley where we came from to see what looked like 100s of teenage and younger girls running and shounting comments such as




 and "found you" ohh thats why we- wait found you?! shit... i turned in the dirrection tabby and harry were facing to see a pair of girls with a smirk spread across their faces the taller girl around harrys height looked around 17 or 18 with a baby bump.. she had her face plastered in makeup and a short and by short i mean only just covering here lady bits. the other girl was around the same age  but with no baby bump and dressed very simular. i looked to were girl one was looking which was harry .. he had a 'oh god im screewed' look on his face.

okay so nobody was talking just the girl one sharing glances between harry tabby and i. i better speak up.

"so did you want a piture with harry or something sign-" i started to question before i was cut off bye the girl with the bump.

"shut up bitch harry knows why i want him" she spat at me while not bracking eye contact with harry.

"excuse me but nobody talks to her like that apart from me. OKAY?!" tabby came forward not right in the pregnent ones face. she then looked at tabby straight in the eyes with an icey stare.

"please becareful harry wouldnt be to impressed if you hurt our baby" she said to tabby while rubbing the baby bump.

i was speachless he never told me we promised to tell eachother the truth when we played 20 questions and that was a question i asked.

"h-how f-ar g-gone?" i managed to get out.

"5 months" i then felt a tear roll down my cheek. 5 months ago he told me he had feelings for me that he thought he might be in love with me. how stupid i am. i looked at tabby and she then realised. she looked up at harry and gave he a dirty look while placing her arm round my shoulders and said.

"you pig" she then guided me out of the alley towards costa. i could hear harry shouting my name but i couldnt focus on his voice because my head was banging so hard i couldnt keep my weeps in any longer.

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