is it really?

this is not really a fanfic as such but its about me hi im angel daniels and im going to tell you how I fell in love with harry styles.


4. morning

I was woken up yet again by tabby but this time not bye a body part in my personal space but ..

"ANGEL GET YOUR LAZY BLOODY ASS OUT OFF BED!" she screamed down my ear drum most likely bursting it while roughly shacking me. cant a girl have a lie in? apparently not.

"5 more minutes" I moaned while attempting to tug my duvet over my head to shield myself from the noise and bright light shinning through the blinds.

"no now you promised we can go into town today" she explained in the most whinny baby voice. geez she annoys me sometimes. but in all fairness I did.

"fine give me 20mins and ill be down for know where everything is" I stated while pulling the duvet over the mattress onto where I was lay a few moments ago.

"thanx angel.. hurry I don't want to miss the train" I grabbed a soft towel straight from the dryer. great still warm. I hoped into the warm shower , I didn't need to wash my hair because I washed it last night to save time. once I was dried and had my underwear on I went on the hunt to find something to wear.

right so here we go... I levered the doors of my wardrobe open to reveal all the clothes neatly hung up.. okay I say neatly I mean thrown o a hanger to get my mum of my back. What to wear what to wear...ermm.. I took a peek out side to see the weather hmm cloudy .. I opened weather app to see todays weather 18 degrees okay..  lets try again .. I grabbed my black high waisted skinny jeans and a grey tank top with a large black heart located in the centre I choose my grey converse with white laces and a reddy brown edge. to finish of the outfit I wore my reddy brown hoodie. I took a look in the full length mirror hung next to my desk. yeah that looks alright. oh almost forgot my phone . i quickly grabbed it back of the desk i where i had put it back down after checking the weather.

"angel hurry up!"

"im here im here" i spoke while walking into the kitchen down stairs. i know what your thinking ew she hasn't done here hair or brushed here teeth well i did it after i climbed out of the shower. as well as adding a light lipgloss and a bit of mascara.

we scoffed our pancakes and raced the the door i grabbed the house key and money of the side while tabby slipped her navy hightop converse on.

off we go.

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