is it really?

this is not really a fanfic as such but its about me hi im angel daniels and im going to tell you how I fell in love with harry styles.


6. finally getting my hug

its been 8 months since i started talking to harry, and i have to admit we have grown rather close.. we talk everday. he came back from the us tour yesterday. we are planing on meeting up..yeah i know im a idiot but i am going with tabby and we are planning to meet in the centre of town so there will be loads of people are around. he had proved it him many times over twitter and vine and also instagram so i believe its him will 97% sure..


im now walking up to the corner shop between tabbys and my house.

"are you ready?" tabby askes as we start walking towards the station.

"as ill ever be, how about you?" i question her as i wait for the kik app to load.

we carry on talking about or back up plans and what we are going to do if it goes wrong until we get off the train and walk to the centre of town.

"he has just kik me to says hes parking his car, well that was sent 7 minuetes ago" i have to admitt im starting to get very nervous now.

"so he should be here" as if it was on que my phone buzzed in my pocket.

KIK: harry. : hey im here and i think i can see you are you wearing jeans rolled up to your mid shin and grey converse with a blue hoodie? xx

KIK: angel: yeah thats me..where are you? xx

i then heard a beepthat sounded like a new kik message if my phone was on loud i looked down at my phone because of habbit. but i was suprised to see there was no new message just that harry has read mine i then felt to arms wrap around my waist from behind. i looked up to see tabby with her mouth hung open staring at the person which is a man judging by the hand size that wore a ring on his thumb and had tattoos on his wrist but the one that stood out was the cross on his right hand just below his thumb the one harry got for mollie. i swung round so i was face to face with the gorgeous perfect delecate face which i have longed to see for 6 months.

a husky deep voice snapped me out of my thoughts

harry :"hello gorgeous, so i finially get a hug?" he said with a questioning tone. i grabbed him round his neck and pulled him into a hug. it was better than i expected it was warm cosy and i felt so safe until-

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