This is my entry for the city of bones competition. A story inspired by city of bones following the story of the girl named Ashlin.


3. The moon children

They all stared silently. It was weird and unnerving, The way Brayden had suddenly had a harsh grip when before he was so delicate with me, the way this strange gathering of people looked at me with hungry eyes and yet they all seemed friendly and welcoming. Brayden was the first to speak.

"This is Ashlin, she fell from a tree and I caught her. I don't know what she saw but I brought her to the pack as she seems strong and useful" He spoke with dignity and pride and apart from the painful hand grasping my wrist I felt safe again. I shouldn't. What did he mean by useful? What was this group? and what did they want from me? One of the men rose from where he sat.

" Have you told her anything about us or who we are, what we are?" 

"No, I wanted your agreement first" answered Brayden. At this the man turned and looked at me with cold, hard eyes.

"I am Gabriel, leader of this pack. We are wolves, were-wolves if you must call us that, but we know ourselves as The moons children or lyncathropes. We are downworlders. You, Ashlin will become one of us. After this day, the night will bring a full moon and you will become acquainted with the ways of the moon children. Brayden when it is time you will be the one to turn her" My mouth was dry. I could hear the blood rushing in my ears and feel my heart pulsing quickly. I felt weak, as if Brayden was the only thing holding me up. 

A young woman then stepped forward and whispered something to Gabriel. Brayden glanced back at me with his warm eyes and a smile flashed across his face but was gone in an instance. 

"Brayden, you will be her carer from now on wards as you are the one who brought he into our world." He then turned to look at me "You have a few minutes, then we will change you" 

At this final statement Brayden released me and spun round grinning. He then pulled me into a tight warm hug. 

"Now you have a family, you have joined our world" he whispered into my ear. I don't know what compelled him to bring me here. I never said I wanted to know 'his' world, now I had no choice. I was already becoming part of it. 

The woman Gretel and another unknown man sauntered over to me from the other side of the clearing as the rest of the pack began to chatter.

"My names Alaric, I'm third in command and I would like to say welcome to our pack"

"And a welcome from me too, I'm Gretel as you may know, second in command" 

"Thank you" I replied, Brayden had pulled away but was still holding my hand delicately "if you don't mind me asking, whats it liked to be changed?" 

"you'll be out a few hours when bitten, but we'll wake you before its time to change." Alaric answered. I was shaking, terrified. A world I hadn't heard of an hour ago, one I didn't even believe in, was about to become my own. Gabriel strode over and cleared his throat.

"Its time" Two words, just two words and then the pain shot through my neck. No warning. Brayden was biting me, infecting me with the disease. My vision blurred, My legs collapsed, and I was out.


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