This is my entry for the city of bones competition. A story inspired by city of bones following the story of the girl named Ashlin.


4. The change

My head was heavy and pain was shooting through my body. I tried to sit up but a searing pain radiated from my neck throwing me back to the ground. My eyes flung open. Trees, sky and faces. Gabriel, Gretel, Alaric and Brayden, The only ones I recognized out of the many crowded round.

“The pain will fade in a few minutes” I’m not sure who spoke but at that hands grabbed mine and hauled me to my feet. The pain had dulled down. It was sunset pink, purple, red and blue scattered the sky sending the message, night was near.  I wasn't so afraid now. Brayden pulled me into another hug, this time I hugged back. There really was something about him I couldn't help but like, no, love. All around us the pack started to change. Men and women becoming wolves. Brayden, Alaric, Gretel and Gabriel remained though awaiting my change.

Lights flashed in the back of my eyes, the change had begun. I was being pulled and pushed, bent and stretched. I slumped to the floor and rolled and to my hands and knees. I felt sick and blood rushed in my ears. Claws grew from my hands and hair grew all over. Pain spread through me. Everything came to a sudden halt.

The night consumed me. 

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