My Hogwarts Diary

A Ravenclaws diary on a year at Hogwarts


2. Platform 9 3/4

Me and my parents rushed into the wall that first trip as we were late for the train (We had got lost). I had just said goodbye to my parents as the train started to move, I ran as fast as I could. The door was just out of reach when suddenly it flew open,

"Come on grab my hand!" a voice called out over the chugging of the train as it gained speed: I could see a hand protruding door in front of me and it was just out of r e a c h...

"Yes!"  we both cried as I was pulled into the carriage

I stood up dusting myself down " Umm thanks" I said to the girl who had pulled me in

"No problem" she said "You wanna find a compartment together?"

"Umm ok" I said casually but in fact I was really pleased that she had asked me as,

1. I didn't want to look like a loner

2.  I didn't want to get a compartment with a ton of dick heads

3. I didn't want to get a compartment with a wierdo in it.

We started off together to find one to ourselves but they were all full except one

"Mind if we join you" the girl asked poking her head into a compartment  where two boys were sitting and one of them nodded. As we went in I saw that both boys had dirty blond hair, silvery grey eyes and had the air of distinct dottiness about them.

When we had both sat down opposite each other I got my first proper look at the girl who had pulled me onto the train; she was very tall with light blond hair with streaks of dark brown in it and her eyes were a deep blue.

"Hi" she said brightly take in my appearance as I had hers, I am small with long blond hair tipped with a light brown at the ends and blue eyes like hers, "I'm Phillipah but my friends call me Chaser" she lent over to me and whispered in my ear "Don't ever call me Phillipah" she lent back smiling

"I'm called Gwendoline but you can call me Hallow" with sparkle in my eye and lent over to her and whispered "Don't ever call me Gwendoline" ,at this Chaser started laughing

"What is it?" one of the boys had lent over

"Oh we were just introducing ourselves" I said laughing

"Oh ok" the boy frowned knowing there was something else "I'm Lysander and this is my twin Lorcan" pointing to the other boy, Lysander gave us a  vague wave and went back to a magazine that he was reading upside down 

At that moment the door to the compartment opened and a pale boy with blond hair and grey eyes walked in immediately Chaser stood up "Scorpius Malfoy" she said icily

"Phillipah Prewett" said the pale boy also icily

"I told you not to call me that" Chaser replied

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