My Hogwarts Diary

A Ravenclaws diary on a year at Hogwarts


4. Hogwarts

It was dark by the time we arrived at Hogwarts and the platform was slippery with drizzle.

"First years this way, first years " the gamekeeper Hagrid called as we trudged towards him through the drizzle that was turning into a downpour.

"We're so lucky we get to go on the boats to the castle this year" Lysander muttered as we got on the boat together, Lorcan had put his magazine (which I now knew was called the Quibbler) away incase it got wet and was looking around with interest at the black lake which was only lit by the candles in the windows of Hogwarts; IT WAS MASSIVE!!!! that was my first impression of it. All the other kids were chattering excitedly to each other. Me, Chaser and Lorcan were just staring at it taking in every detail that we could: the tall towers and the green houses below them, the warm hall that had a candle at every window; just looking at it made us feel colder. 

"What's wrong with you" Lysander said leaning over Chasers shoulder "Look at it"

"Thats what we were doing before you shoved you're big head on my shoulder" Chaser told him, irritated.

"Sorry" he didn't move "So what house do you think you'll be in?" he asked me "My mum was in Ravenclaw and my dad was Gryffindor so I'm not sure where I'll end up" he mad a face "Definitely not Hufflepuff"

"Umm" I said "What houses are there"

Chaser began to talk but the boat had stopped in the boat house and everyone was getting out


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