My Hogwarts Diary

A Ravenclaws diary on a year at Hogwarts


3. Curses and Caldron Cakes

The pale boy shrugged "It's not my fault that your blood traitor family called you that" 

"Why you little" I stood up and drew my wand, I had not belonged to the wizarding world very long but I knew what he was implying as the letter that owl brought told me about wizarding blood

"What's this" he sneered "Another blood traitor?"

"I'm a muggle born actually" I said sharply well aware of what was to come next...

"Mingling with mudbloods Prewett?" the boy said in mock surprise; he spat a my feet " Although it was to be expected since what your cousins the Weasleys got up to"

Trying to control my fury I said in a calmly and very dangerous voice " If you know what's best for you Scorpius Malfoy you will leave this compartment now"

 "Oooh!" two voices replied mockingly "Oooh!"

"I said GET OUT!!" with that I thought ' INCENDIO!' and a stream of fire came out of my wand and spiralled onto Mister Malfoys robes

"What the hell?!" Scorpius shrieked "These are my new robes mudblood, I'll get you for this" with that I slide the door shut.

I turned to find Chaser and the twins staring at me "What" I asked

"You successfully did a nonverbal spell" Chaser said with her mouth open "That sixth year stuff!"

"Umm I just practise a lot" I said uncomfortably I didn't like everyone staring at me

"He's still on fire" Chaser was looking over my shoulder and into the corridor

"Whaaa, oh yeah I would have thought he would have got it out by now" I looked at Chaser "He might find that aguamenti does the trick- you wanna help him?" I asked. A smile grew on Chasers face as she opened the compartment door, drew her wand pointing it at Malfoy and muttered "aguamenti" and a jet of water shot from the tip of her wand and hit Malfoy in the face"

"Phuuttt" Scorpius spluttered as he inhaled a mouth full of water; from over my shoulder Lysander called "Let that teach you that your blood type doesn't matter- you'll always be a loser" that was the last straw for Malfoy, he stamped his foot (which resulted in  another face full of water as he had stood in a puddle) and squelched off past the food trolley.

"Anything from the trolleh!" the trolley witch shouted "Anything from the trolley dears?" as she stopped outside our compartment, I jumped up immediately as I wanted to try some of the sweets that I had seen in Diagon Alley two weeks ago- there was: pumpkin pasties, liquorice wands, caldron cakes, bertie botts every flavor beans and chocolate frogs.

"Mmm" I said looking at everything "I think I'll have four caldron cakes, four chocolate frogs and one packet of bertie botts"

"Okay dear that'll be one galleon and two sickles please" I rummaged in my purse and looked up sheepishly "Are the gold ones the sickles?"  

"No dear, the gold are the galleons, the silver the stickles and the little bronze ones are knuts" 

"Thanks" I said handing the money over and returning to my compartment "Here you go guys" and I handed everyone a caldron cake and a chocolate frog   

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