The Louis Diaries

Blood Lust/Love Lust Spin off.

This is the diary of Louis from the 1800s and so on living his vampire/human life...



9. Unlock The Cage

January 25 1867

I visited Mother's grave today.

I laid fresh white roses and lavender. Her favorite blend of smell and look. I spoke in only French to her like she taught me to so no one could understand us.. especially father.

I never realized how much I had bottled up until I started to spill everything to her. I miss her so much. I really need her these days. Paula has visited me twice since the 22nd really making herself welcome. She violated me. Touching me in a private place. After she left I ran to Mother's grave and cried for an hour before actually starting to speak. I wish I could leave. I came up with the idea that maybe if I were to die I could be with her once more. I could be with my Mother. Away from my father... Paula.. Free. I could Unlock the cage.

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