The Louis Diaries

Blood Lust/Love Lust Spin off.

This is the diary of Louis from the 1800s and so on living his vampire/human life...



3. To The Grave

July 2nd 1867


Turns out father had known I had over-heard his conversation with the still not named man. He had scolded me for a moment then made me swear I'd take what ever I heard to the grave. I swore trying to avoid my father's wrath. I was afraid to stand up to my father he was like a wasp. It will leave you alone if you don't bother it or sometimes if its having a bad day or feels threatened it will sting you. My father is much like that except after he stings you he doesn't die.

I was afraid since I knew something my father didn't want to get out he would marry me off or send me off to some school out of the country to keep my mouth shut.  I meant what I said when I swore. I wasn't gunna tell. I just hope HE believes me.

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