The Louis Diaries

Blood Lust/Love Lust Spin off.

This is the diary of Louis from the 1800s and so on living his vampire/human life...



13. The Funeral

February 6th 1867

Today was the funeral for Paula I was to go because we were engaged. I was her "Beloved Louis" I dressed in a black suit. conserved and dark for the occasion. The day was dark and foggy. Most of the town gathered in the church I had to sit at the front of the church with her sister. I walked up to the coffin and put my hand on it.

"This is what you get for violating teenage boys." I whispered. I turned and sat beside her 17 year old sister.

"Sorry for your loss" I said simply

"You and I both know she was a horrible person." She said I turned my head looking at her

"Why do you say that?" I asked

"So you were ok with marrying her even with that 5 year age gap?" she asked I shook my head hesitantly.

"She shouldn't have accepted that offer of engagement. She knew the age gap was too big. I'm sorry for the inconvenience." She said I looked her over

"I accept your apology but she was still your sister you must feel a little bit sad about losing her" I said

"She was my sister but I didn't think of her as family." She said I nodded

"I'm Lucy" She offered her hand to me

"Louis Tomlinson" I said she smiled

"Nice to meet you Louis."


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