The Louis Diaries

Blood Lust/Love Lust Spin off.

This is the diary of Louis from the 1800s and so on living his vampire/human life...



4. Marriage....?

July 5th 1867


Oh dear... father was trying to soften up the idea of marriage with me. I was just brushing him off as I prepared Charvorlee for our daily rounds of the grounds. He needs to understand maybe he trashed Mother's rules but I didn't its the only way of keeping what she believed in alive. keeping her alive. in spirit...

He doesn't need to marry off his son to keep a secret, I can do that on my own Victoria seems like she might make a good wife for me. I haven't kissed her yet but I plan to, tonight when we see each other at the ball. I already asked her if I could be her escort... Father took some convincing but he cracked I guess he thought I would tell his secret if he didn' mail? not my style.

Victoria is good company and beautiful if I must say. I think she is simply lovely. What sisters I have left are too young to take dates but they will be taken home by the handmaids after the dinner the ball is for men and women after 15. I was finally old enough. I wonder what Victoria will think of father I hope he is nice to her. I will not tolerate him being rude to her.

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