The Louis Diaries

Blood Lust/Love Lust Spin off.

This is the diary of Louis from the 1800s and so on living his vampire/human life...



1. Good Enough?

 June 27th 1867

I don't know how father can be so heartless. I am just a 15 year old boy who lost his mother only 2 years ago he is just so mean and harsh. He expects me to watch over my sisters... Being the only male since my other brothers left to schools and marriage like they told me anything. Elizabeth makes me play with her and bring her everywhere everyday, Not like I'm getting sick of it I mean it takes me away from my duties with father I cant stand being near him these days he is constantly trying to and I quote... "Make me into a man." I mean my brothers got to live out their teen years as young lads having fun but me? no. My father gets to make the rules since my mother has passed on leaving us with this man who has no care for my childhood. I want to live my life the way I want to I mean I really just wanna play and run with the other boys from my small town my father's land along with the large house and stables and forest and all that makes it quite easy to avoid him. I usually take my favorite horse Charvorlee out of the stables and into town, I've met a  girl there. Her name is Victoria beautiful young women and I am very fond of her I usually catch her scent some how she smells like a sweet summers day and sweet lavender. Father scolds me sometimes for day dreaming he doesn't know I'm daydreaming about a girl he would most likely not approve of considering her father doesn't own a bank or own his own estate. All father cares about is how much money he makes. I just wish I could turn 18 and leave this place. I have a feeling he won't let me leave. maybe I'll be trapped under his rules forever. I'm looking for a way out. away from this man. I can't leave my sisters.

Hopefully things approve...



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