The Rusty Angel

Even the purest of pure will eventually be swayed by the influence of corruption.


1. The Rusty Angel

The Rusty Angel:

Verse 1:
Residence in heaven was what you once had
For some reason you fell down to earth
It all made you go mad

I think I know the answer as to why you came down
Cause your eyes certainly aren't blue
And your heart ain't made of gold

And if experience taught me anything
I'd say that it's bile you spew, instead of singing

Verse 2:
It's time for you to realize, what it is you've done
Cause your flying days really are over
There's a reason as to why you have come

I gave you all of my polish, but it didn't remove all
This rust upon your whole body
Was something to be recalled

And if I could dream better
I'd have seen the shell of rock
That you carry...

The Rusty Angel forgot how to fly
The Rusty Angel couldn't hide
The Rusty Angel came to me
The Rusty Angel couldn't see
Couldn't see...

If you just kept away from the water
That Satan promised you
You might of had a chance to not be in this slaughter
But now you're on your own, no one left to abuse!

Verse 3:
You promised me gifts in return, but I got none
You probably thought abusing me
Was a lot of fun

The feelings in your eyes didn't exist
You were bold to stay down here
And not run away into the mist

And if I didn't show feelings
I might have saved myself
From false believings



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