One Direction Preferences

Hello I wanted to do some preferences but I won't do personal ones, sorry :)
If you got any ideas what I could write about please let me know ;)


5. He's jealous of one of the others (3/5)




You are at a One Direction concert backstage, with your boyfriend Zayn. It was right before the show started. You were chilling with Louis, your best friend in the whole world. You two were fooling around like always. Then the other boys came and sat with you. You soon realised that something was wrong with Zayn. (Y/N):"Hey boo are you okay?" Zayn:"Ehm...yeah I guess..." "Are you sure? You seem a little bit off." "Oh my goodness...YES I am alright." You were really shocked, why was he so annoyed? *skips concert* After the concert Louis came running towards you,overtaking Zayn and hugged you really tight. You both laughed like crazy and Zayn just walked past you. Then you all sat around talking. But Zayn still seemed a little bit off. You knew something was wrong and you got a feeling what could bother him so much. "Zayn...Darling ehm...are you jealous?" "Wha-what?? I'm deffinatley not jealous because of Louis..." "Honey I didn't even mention Lou", you said smiling. "Ehm...oh damnit. Okay maybe I'm a little bit jealous... " "Sure a little bit. But you don't have to you know. The only person I love is you." Zayn:"I hope so ;) And I love you too." :*



Liam and you have been friends for nearly your whole life. You get along really well with Niall, but deep inside you knew that you loved Liam to bits. One day you were hanging out with all of the boys. You were sitting between Liam and Niall. After a while Louis got bored and wanted to play truth or dare. Louis:"(Y/N) truth or dare?" "Dare I guess..." "Oh hun your going down. I dare you toooo....kiss Niall!", Louis said grinning evily. You blushed and leant over to peck Niall on the lips, when you pulled back you saw that Louis looked at you disapprovingly. "What?", you asked Louis. "KISS! Not PECK!", he said. You didn't want to but you leant over again. Just as your lips were about to touch Liam screamed:"STOP NO!" Everyone just stared at Liam, who was blushing madly. "I-I I h-have t-t-to ehm...go.", he stuttered and ran out to his car. You didn't hesitate and ran after your best friend. "Liam wait!!", you called after him. Liam hesitated and stayed where he was. "What?", he mumbled quietly. "What's wrong Li?" "I don't know", he said looking at the floor. Then you realised...but it couldn't be possible...or not? "Ehm...Li honey are you...ehm...jealous?" "Yea...",he whispered. You stepped forward and looked up at him. Then you leant up and kissed him. "Now you will never ever have a reason to be jealous again...'cause I'm yours." :)



You and your boyfriend Harry were at a movie premier. After the red carpet you had to wait until they would let you in. Harry said that he had to go to the toilet before the movie starts. You waited with the other boys but soon you felt a tap on your shoulder. When you turned around, you expected Harry, but instead Louis stood in front of you. "Hey there. Where's your lovely boyfriend?", he asked. "Harry is on the toilet.", you said nicely. "And how's your evening so far?", Louis asked. "Great and yours?", you hoped Harry wouldn't see you two together because Harry could get jealous really easy. "Yea it's okay I guess, but I think it would be a lot better if you would be my date", he winked. You just smiled:"I'm sorry but-" "She's with me. So fuck off Tomlinson!", Harry said from behind you, he was really angry. "Harry calm down honey. You're my one and only and you know that." "It's okay mate. I was just joking.", Louis said a little bit scared. "Me too dude.", Harry said laughing. You and Louis also started to laugh. When Louis was gone and you two were sitting, you leaned over to Harry's ear. "You weren't joking am I right?" "Yeah you are right. But I hope I will never have to hear something like that again." he said kissing you passionately.

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