One Direction Preferences

Hello I wanted to do some preferences but I won't do personal ones, sorry :)
If you got any ideas what I could write about please let me know ;)


4. He's jealous of one of the others (2/5)


You were sitting at home with your best friend Zayn. You were sitting in your room, your head was resting on his lap. You were talking about school and how you hate your teachers. Just then you heard your mom scream from downstairs:"(Y/N) it's Louis!" (Y/N):"Come upstairs Louboo." Zayn started laughing:"Louboo? Really? I never thought you would be that cheesy." "Shut up Zaynieboo ", you smirked. Zayn:"Oh no you didn't." Then he started tickling you and you laughed really badly. "Ehem...sorry to disturb you two.", Louis said while closing the door again. You were shocked. "Fuck", you muttered. You ran downstairs and opened the door right in time. He opened the door of his car. "Louis stop!!" And he really stopped, you ran up to him."What?!", he snapped. "Are you jealous? And don't you dare lie to me", you said. Louis took a deep breath:"Maybe I am jealous." "Why? If it's because of Zayn it's riddiculous! I love you and only you!" Then he just kissed you and said:"I love you too."


You were watching a movie with your boyfriend Niall. While you were watching you texted your best friend Liam. "Who are you texting the whole time? It's annoying.", Niall said harshly. "Just Liam. But you don't have to be rude." "Liam?!? Why are you always texting him while smiling like an idiot?!?!" That was too much for you and you bursted out crying. Niall never screams at you. "Why are you screaming?", you asked quietly. "Don't you get it?!? Are you really that stupid?!? I AM JEALOUS!!!!" "Because of Liam?!?! And I am NOT stupid you asshole!!! I love you and not him!!! But if you don't get alright!!! But don't you dare yell at me like that!!!", you screamed louder than you ever had, but then you saw that he started to cry and he fell to his knees. "I'm so so so so sorry...I...don't...please don't leave me....I-I can't live without you", he cried. You smiled a Little bit and bent down to him,"Ni I love you and I will never in a million years leave you." Then you kissed him on the cheek and he stopped crying and smiled at you, it was the most beautiful smile you ever saw. :)


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