One Direction Preferences

Hello I wanted to do some preferences but I won't do personal ones, sorry :)
If you got any ideas what I could write about please let me know ;)


3. He's a badboy (3/5)


You were going to school like every morning but today you had a strange feeling. As you arrived you saw a big circle you were really confused. You got near the circle and heard some cheering, at the edge you saw two of your best friends. As soon as they saw you they came running towards you. (Y/F/N):"Niall's in trouble. We don't know what happened but he's in a fight." Oh no not thought. "NIALL!!", you screamed as you made your way through the crowd. Now you were in the middle and saw your boyfriend Niall sitting on top of a good friend of yours. (Y/N):"Niall what the hell are you doing?!?" Niall:"Oh hey baby, I can tell you what's up your little 'friend' here said that he would like to fuck you and that he would be a lot better for you." You were shocked. You held out your hand for Niall, as he grabbed it you helped him to get up. You just walked away without to care what all the others thought. You were a few metres away from the rest, then you turned to Niall. "Why do you care what he says?", you softly asked him. Niall:"Because I really think he's better for you. Come on look at me I'm covered in tatoos and I beat othe People. And he? He got a lot of money. So why would you-" But he couldn't end his sentence, because you crushed your lips into his. "I love your tatoos and you are not that bad okay? I love you Nialler and I always will."


You were alone at your shared flat, again. Zayn was out with his so called 'friends' and you had to stay at home alone. You were so pissed. You always had to stay at home and you didn't know why, also he wouldn't explain it. After three movies you heard the door open. "Zayn is it you?", you asked scared. Zayn:"Yeah who else should it be? Dumb girl." You could barely understand the last part, but you could hear that he's drunk. That's the worst because then he would insult you. You started crying and went to your bedroom. Why do I do this to myself?, you thought. But of course you already knew the answer, you loved him. He was so sweet and caring, but not when he was drunk, and he was often drunk. You decided to go away. You didn't want to break up, you just wanted to if he still cared for you. You packed some things and as you wanted to go out the door you see that he fell asleep on the sofa. You smiled through your tears and went out the door. The next morning you woke up at your best friends house. As you thought about why you were there you began crying. You and your friend were making breakfast and as always she would make you laugh. But suddenly you heard the doorbell and your friend opened the door. "Where is (Y/N)? Is she okay? Please tell me she's with you...", you heard Zayn say. You walked to the door and as soon as he saw you he sighed in relief. Zayn:"Oh my god are you okay honey? What did I do to make you leave me? Did I hit you? Please say something..." "Zayn I'm okay you didn't hit me. I just wanted to see if you still care about me.", you said with tears in your eyes. That was it he slowly came towards you. Zayn:"Of Cours I care for you what did made you think I didn't?" "I don't know because you always say mean things when you're drunk and I have to stay alone at home everytime.", you said the tears were running down your face. Zayn:"What if we go out toghether or stay and home and watch movies? Just you and me?" He wiped away your tears. "Sounds great.", you said while smiling. From now on you would get drunk toghether or simply stay at home and watch movies.


Harry was your everything, but suddenly he changed. He was always sweet and caring, but now he was just mean and pushed you away, everyday more and more. One day you two had a big fight. He didn't understand you anymore. Why was he so mean? "What's wrong with you Harry? Why? Just Why?", yyou whispered the last part. Harry:"What is wrong with me?!? What is wrong with you?!? You're just bitching around, saying that I've changed and what not! You know what? IT IS OVER!!!!" Harry screamed at you? He never did that. You couldn't undersatnd the world anymore. (Y/N) whispered:"If that's your wish..." You went upstairs to pack your things and told him that you'll get the rest soon. You didn't know where to go, your parents always told you you deserve someone better than Harry. Maybe they were went to your best friend. She let you sleep there and it was a good eeling that she still cared for you, even after all the fighting because of Harry. You lost a lot because of him. In some way you were happy that it was over, but the bigger part was depressed. After a few days you realised that you have to move on,he wouldn't come back. Your friend told you to try and find someone who's worth it, who's better for you. Of course you just wanted Harry. But you gave it a try, maybe he wasn't 'the right one'. On your date you felt like cheating. Suddenly you heard his voice, but it sounded different. You tried hard not to look in his direction. But of course you suffered. You looked at the counter at this moment he also looked at you, his eyes were puffy and red. Did he cry? Harry:"(Y/N)?" "Ehm...yeah...", you said. Your 'date' started laughing. Just then Harry realised the Boy in front of you. Little did he know, it was just a friend. You didn't want to date anyone except Harry, but your best friend kept complainig. Harry:"Oh sorry, I didn't want to ruin your date...I'll just go", and he went away with tears in his eyes. "Sorry I gotta go, thanks.", you said to your friend and ran out. "Harry!!! Wait!!!", you screamed. He turned around and you ran into his arms. It felt like home. Of course he wrapped his arms around you. "I will never ever hurt you again baby.", he whispered into your ear. "I hope so..."

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