One Direction Preferences

Hello I wanted to do some preferences but I won't do personal ones, sorry :)
If you got any ideas what I could write about please let me know ;)


2. He's a badboy (2/5)


He's covered in tatoos but you don't mind at all. Tonight you and him are going out with some of his friends. At the Club you two Dance the whole time but after a while you get thirsty and tell Liam that you're going to get something to drink. You're waiting at the bar as a Boy is standing next to you, he is really close to you. Guy:"Hey sweety can I buy you a drink?" (Y/N):" thank you." He:"Why not? Don't you think I'm hot?" (Y/N):"What?!? I have a-" But you couldn't end your sentence because at this Moment a fist came flying past your face. Liam was very angry. Liam:"Did he hurt or touch you? If he did I'll kill him!" (Y/N):"No Liam...ssshhh...everything is okay. Let's go." As he didn't move and was still glaring at the man on the ground you said:"Liam now! Please..." He looked at you then grabbed your hand and walked out. As you were in the car Liam was still angry. You caress his cheek, his eyes get softer and he finally Looks at you. "You do know  that I just love you and no one else right?",you say. Liam:"Yeah, I know." Then he softly kisses you and drives you home.

You aren't mad at him for punching this guy, but you weren't happy about it either...




"Lou! Are you home?", you shouted as you opened the door. "What?!?",he srceamed from upstairs. Oh no, you thought..." you want something to eat?", you asked a little bit scarred. Louis:"What do you want to cook?" (Y/N):"Well...ehm...I don't know sandwiches maybe?" You were in the kitchen by now. Two arms were wrapped around you from behind. Louis:"I would love to eat sandwiches." But then his phone vibrated and you rolled your eyes. Big mistake..."What is your fucking problem(Y/N)!?!" "N-n-nothing...",you whispered. Then he just grabbed his keys and runs out the door. You break down sobbing and crying, as you get yourself toghether you go upstairs and pack your bag. You don't want to do this anymore when he's got a bad day he screams at you or something like that. As you open the door you see Louis sitting in your car. You open the door and he Looks wide eyed at you. You can see that he's been crying. He sees the bag in your Hand. "Could you please get out of MY car?!", you harshly say. He flinches a little at your sudden harsh tone. "Please don't leave me. I can't be without you. Please....", he begs you."I'll give you one last chance Tomlinson but then it is out and never ever talk to me like that again. Do you understand me?" "Yes I'll do everything for you but please stay. I love you." "I love you too."

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