No Boundaries - Shensley AU (one shot)

This is my first Union J / Shensley (George Shelley/Jaymi Hensley) writing.
Jaymi is a wild and spoiled teenage boy, who does everything to provoke his parents. One day his parents get enough and sends him on the same boarding school as his dad went at. At the school Jaymi meets George who is bisexual and Jaymi, who himself is gay, feels attracted to him from the start. Going through the rules of the school, Jaymi finds out that making out with someone else on the school can get you expelled. Jaymi gets an idea, but it all turns wrong when George finds out he has been utilized. (shoutout to sofiesfairytale for helping me out with the car brand ahah) (Inspiration: the movie Wild Child)


2. No boundaries

“One more step and you will be grounded young man!”
Jaymi looked, with a drunken mind and affected movements, back at his dad with a careless glance and saw how furious he was. Jaymi was surrounded by people just as drunk as himself, who at the same time was making him even higher than he already was. He was standing on the edge to his parent’s pool. He saw out of the corner of his eye, his dad coming closer. Jaymi just laughed at the situation, but when he turned around to face the crowd around him, he got dizzy and lost his balance. Before he knew it, he was soaked and splashed around in the chlorine-filled water. When he reached the edge of the pool, he was greeted by clapping and cheers, but also by his dad who was standing with crossing arms and a not so positive mind printed on his face. 
“This is it. That was the last straw” his dad said, turned and walked away with stamping steps.

Jaymi sat on the backseat of his parent’s brand new audi rs8. He was looking annoyed out of the window watching other cars passing by. “Hopefully, this will be an educational experience for you” his dad said and looked up at the rearview mirror to catch Jaymis eyes, which were quivering with irritation. He looked back at the road again. “Where are we even going?” Jaymi asked annoyed even though he knew the answer. “My old boarding school, where you hopefully will get some manners and learn how to show respect” his dad answered. 
About an hour later, the expensive car rolled into the driveway of something looking like a prison to Jaymi.  His dad looked back at him. “This is the school in which I learned how to behave, and I’m sure it’ll do the same thing for you”. Jaymi had his arms crossed and rolled his eyes as his dad stepped out of the car. As his dad passed the window, he knocked on it. Jaymi threw another look at the school. “Prison” he mumbled to himself, before he stepped out of the car. He walked behind the car and took his suitcases from the trunk. He looked resignedly at his dad. “Give it a try” his dad said and patted him on the back. “By time, I’m sure you’ll like it”. Jaymi snorted desponded. “You have to wait a long time then” Jaymi said provocative. “Well, try and make the best out of it, and then we’ll see each other when the school year is over”. Before Jaymi knew it, his dad was back in the car and about to drive home. Jaymi just stood there with his two enormous suitcases, watching him drive away. Suddenly Jaymi perceived someone coming from behind. He turned around and faced some older students. “Hi! You must be Jaymi” One of them said with a highly annoying and overdriven voice. Jaymi made a little grimace. “Yeah, that’s me”. “Welcome to Bristol boarding school for teenagers with wealthy parents” the girl with the annoying voice said. Jaymi nodded. “Here are some folders and papers” the other girl said and handed Jaymi a stack of papers. “Your room number is on the front page”, she said and smiled. Jaymi took a quick look at the papers. Room 16. He shook his shoulders and looked up. The two girls were gone. “Who is supposed to take my suitcases?” He yelled. He heard a laugh from behind and turned around. He faced a girl and a boy. “You must be new” the girl said snobby and looked at him from top to toe. “I’m Emily and this is by twin brother Fred” she said and held out her hand to greet Jaymi. He just looked at her hand and then back up at her. “Yeeah.. no” Jaymi said and smiled provoking. Emily grabbed out for Jaymis hand and looked him in the eyes. “You shake the hand to show some respect” she said and let go of it. ”Hope you’ll enjoy being here” she said with a snobby tone and was about to turn around, when she just stopped and starred. Jaymi looked a bit wondering at her, then he turned around and saw she was starring at a boy about same age as Jaymi, with half straight half curled hair, who was followed by giggling girls. Jaymi looked back at Fred. “Who’s that?” Jaymi asked. “That’s George, the principal’s son. He’s bi, so I guess you have a chance if you’re interested” Fred said in fun and patted Jaymi on the back. Jaymi looked back at him and snorted while rolling his eyes. He watched as Fred grabbed his sister arm and pulled her with him. Jaymi stood a little and looked after George how disappeared with all the girls behind him. He then grabbed his suitcases by himself and went inside of the old building. He found his room within no time and went inside. Three boys were looking surprised at him as he entered the room with his enormous suitcases and expensive clothes. Jaymi looked around at them. “Ehm.. hey” he said and waved gently. The three boys looked at each other. “You must be Jaymi” one of them said. “Yeaph, that’s me” Jaymi said and bit his lower lip, turning it to a grimace. “I’m Oliver, this is Josh” one of them said and pointed, “and that’s JJ” he said and pointed at the last one. “Hi” Jaymi said without paying attention and looked at each of them. “Your bed is over there” Oliver said and pointed at the empty bed in the corner, next to the window. Jaymi struggled with getting his suitcases through the room. When it succeeded him, he sat down on the bed exhausted and took his phone up. “You better get that away” Josh said warning. “And why that?” Jaymi asked annoyed and looked up. “It might be taken from you if one of the watchmen sees it.” “I’m willing to take that chance” Jaymi said annoyed and looked back at the screen. He then stood up and walked around the room with his phone raised. “How can you live with no connection or service” Jaymi asked wondering.

Later that evening, they were heading for dinner. Jaymi sat down next to Josh at a long table. The dinner consisted of tomato soup and wholemeal bread, which actually tasted better than Jaymi expected. Jaymi looked around and ended up looking at the table where the principal and teachers were sitting. He found himself staring at George when they suddenly made eye contact and George smiled at him and made a quick wink. Jaymis eyes widened and he quickly looked away, but could still fell the blush come to his cheeks.
After dinner Jaymi sat on his bed and leafed through the papers he got earlier. He stopped when he came pass the paper with the rules of the school. The list was quite long, so Jaymi just skimmed through. He stopped at rule number 21. “It’s not allowed to have a relationship or commit any kind of sexual executions while you’re a student at Bristol Boarding School” Jaymi snorted as he read the last note on the page. “Any violations of the rules will result in expulsion and/or will be punished”. Jaymi shook his head. Maybe this was his way of getting home.

Days passed by. One evening Jaymi came past the music room. He heard someone on the other side and looked through the window in the door and saw George sitting on a chair playing guitar by himself. Jaymi looked around and then took a deep breath. He slowly opened the door and looked inside. He looked around in wonder when he couldn’t see George sitting on the chair. Suddenly a pair of hands was hold in front of his eyes. “Aren’t you supposed to be in bed?” a voice whispered in his ear and it sent chills down Jaymis back. Jaymi knew it was George and played within. “I don’t know, am I?” Jaymi asked with a smirk. George took his hands down and walked over to his guitar, sat down and started to play again. “You’re quite good” Jaymi said and sat down opposite George, who smiled the same smile as when they made eye contact the first time. Jaymi blushed a bit again, but tried to hide it by looking down. “You seem different from the others” George said and interrupted the silence. Jaymi looked up. “Well, yeah, I’m..” “I like it” George said and interrupted Jaymi. For the first time in a while Jaymi didn’t know what to say or how to react. He just blushed even more when he looked into George’s dark brown eyes. “I-I better get to bed” Jaymi said and stood up. George smirked. “Goodnight” he said as Jaymi left the room. He quickly turned around and smiled before he closed the door and went back to his room.

The next day Jaymis vintage was heading for the city, to go on a class trip. George had chosen to join them, which made Jaymi a little queasy. It was like George knew exactly how to freak Jaymi out and as if he didn’t hesitate to tease him when he had the chance. Jaymi liked the younger boy, but he wasn’t sure if his feelings were real or just a crush, who would be over at the same time as the semester. 
Jaymi sticked to Josh on the trip. He and Josh were getting out better from each day that passed.

That Friday there were supposed to be a party at the school. 
Jaymi was already proper drunk. He had always been easy affected. He and Josh had been drinking before heading for the party down the gym hall and Jaymi had, without thinking about it, confessed his feelings for George to Josh and Josh had told him to go for it. Josh knew how badly Jaymi wanted to get out of this school, cause Jaymi had told him so many times, and going all in with George was the perfectly way, even though he secretly had started to care for Jaymi. 
They went downstairs and Josh quickly disappeared in the crowd. Jaymi sat down in the bar and relaxed. The thoughts went through his mind. He started to doubt whether this was a good idea, but then suddenly a hand was placed on his bag and a well known voice ordered two beers. Jaymi turned his head to face the younger boy who his feelings went wild for. George smirked the way he used to, which made Jaymi bit his lower lip and moved his eyes from George’s eyes down his mouth. Jaymi never thought about it before, but George’s mouth was just as pretty has his eyes. Right now everything about that boy was pretty and perfect according to Jaymi. 
Two beers were placed in front of them, and without breaking the eye contact, they both reached for a beer and placed in front of their mouth. Slowly Jaymi leaned towards George. “Let’s get outside” he whispered in his ear and made a short eye contact, before they both stood up and George followed Jaymi outside the gym hall. When they were out of sight from the teachers and other students, Jaymi slowly walked towards George and pushed him up against the wall. George let out small laughs and moans while Jaymi eagerly kissed him up and down his neck, leaving hickeys. George laid his hands on Jaymis chest and gently pushed him away to tease him, but Jaymi took his hands away from his chest and held them over his head, while pushing George even closer up the wall. Jaymi could see the signs of lust in George’s eyes, which only turned him on even more. Jaymi kissed him further up his neck and ended leaving a kiss on the younger boy’s chin. He could see a smile was planted on his lips as they looked each other in the eyes. Without any further words, George took Jaymis hand and led him down the hall outside the gym and outside where it had started raining. They ran through the rain hand in hand. When they entered the door that led inside they were both half soaked by the rain. They sneaked down the hall and up some stairs. Jaymi had never been in this part of the school before, or maybe he had, but was too drunk to remember. They entered a room, in which George locked the door when they both were inside. George turned around and went over to Jaymi who instantly started over from where he was cut off. Jaymi made took his time, before he took the chance and placed his lips on George’s. The younger boy didn’t pull away, so they both slowly continued the kiss and made it go further. George gently opened Jaymis mouth with his own tongue and before any of them knew it, the kiss was turned into a wild making out. Jaymi could hear George moan through the kiss which made a smile spread on his lips.  “I want you” Jaymi mumbled through the kiss and George looked him in the eyes. Jaymi could tell they were full of lust and it only took him a second to get his own shirt off. George glanced at Jaymis fit torso, before he bit his lower lip and took his own shirt off. Jaymi walked against the taller boy and made him walk backwards till he reached the edge of the bed and fell backwards. George was lying in the bed and smirked like a fool when Jaymi gently lay down on the top of him. They started to make out again, but this time it was Jaymi interrupting it by slowly moving his kisses down George’s neck, further down his chest and stomach. He stopped moving further down when he reached the edge of George’s pants. Jaymi looked up at George to face a boy with endless lust quivering from his eyes. Then he turned his attention back at George’s pants, as he slowly and teasing opened the button and unzipped the pants. With a gently but smooth movement he pulled off George’s pants and left a bulge in his boxers back. Jaymi glanced at if for a moment after which he looked up at George and with a huge smirk he started to kiss him eagerly again.  George placed his hands on Jaymis back and pulled him down on his own bare body. They made a short eye contact before Jaymi went back to down there and with no hesitation pulled off George’s boxers to let his erection free. Jaymi kissed him a few times on his inner thighs, before he moved further up and took his length in his hand and slowly stroked it up and down. George let out several moans of pleasure and Jaymi started to stroke him faster. Suddenly George sat up and pushed Jaymi down the sheets. His eyes were full of nothing but lust and without any further hesitation he pulled down Jaymis pants and boxers at the same time. Jaymi looked at him with excitement, as George lay down on top of him and started to give him love bites up and down his neck. Jaymi closed his eyes and let out loudly moans, but suddenly he felt George’s finger in front of his mouth. “Shh” he said with a cute smirk, “do you want the whole building to hear us?”, but Jaymi only smirked back and in one movement rolled them around to that he was lying on top. Jaymi watched as George reached out for something in a drawer next to the bed. A big smile spread on his lips when he saw what he had reached out for. The younger boy was well prepared. Jaymi sat up while straddling George, who also sat up and helped Jaymi putting on the condom. When it was on, George looked up at Jaymi who was above him. Jaymis hips were in the right height for George to pull him in and gently kiss them. He then took the tube of lube and pushed some of on his hands. He then took a grip around Jaymis length and started to stroke it. Jaymi leaned down and kissed George on the forehead, after which George turned over so he was lying on his knees and elbows. Jaymi took the lube and gently lubricated George’s butthole, before he laid his hands on George’s hips and gently entered him. George grabbed the sheet as he entered but when Jaymi started to thrust faster, it started to be more comfortable. Jaymi was huge and filled out every single inch inside of him. He hit his g-spot and George let out a loud moan. “I’m close” George moaned and covered his head in the sheets. “Me too” Jaymi groaned. Only a short moment after George couldn’t hold it in anymore and he came all over the sheets. His knees gave in and he collapsed with Jaymi on the top of him. He could feel as Jaymi released and short time after pull out. Jaymi pulled of the condom and lay down next to George. He pulled the younger boy closer to himself and cuddled him up. George kissed him on the nose and smiled his usual smile, which Jaymi loved. “I think I love you” George whispered, before he fell asleep in Jaymis arms. “I think I love you too” Jaymi whispered back.

The next morning it knocked on the door with hard knocks. The door opened and before any of them could react, George’s father, the principal, was standing in the door way and looked chocked at them. “George Shelley what on earth are you doing?” his dad yelled chocked. 
Later that day, Jaymi was called to the principal’s office. “You do know this is expulsions due right Jaymi?” the principal asked. Jaymi asked short. “Well, I’ve called your dad and he will come and get you later this evening. You have until then, to pack your things and say goodbye”. Jaymi left the room with a depressed sigh. He went back to his room and sat down on his bed. He was all confused. He was finally going home again, which was all that he wanted, but for what. He was now leaving George in which he had gotten feeling for. He looked at the watch. It was 17.15. He had to say a last goodbye to George before his dad arrived. He left the room and was about to run upstairs when he ran into George on his way up, but George didn’t seem happy to see him, he actually tried to avoid him and they only made a short awkward eye contact. Jaymi looked confused as George walked past him and further down the stairs. Jaymi followed him down. “Hey” Jaymi called after him, but George didn’t react. “George!” Jaymi yelled, but George kept ignoring him. Jaymi started to get annoyed and ran up behind him, laid a hand on his shoulder and turned him around. “What are you doing?” Jaymi asked annoyed. George only shook his head and looked disappointed at him. He was about to continue walking, but Jaymi was fast and grabbed his shoulder again. “What is all this about?” Jaymi asked confused. “As if you don’t know” George snapped back. Jaymi just shook his head uncomprehending. George breathed out annoyed. “I know you only used me to get away from here” George said injured. “I heard your friends talk. I know it all Jaymi. I just thought you were different from that” George said and started to walk away. Jaymi bit his lower lip and followed George. He ran up in front of George. “What can I do to make it okay again?” Jaymi asked begging. George stopped and looked him deeply in the eyes. Jaymi watched as George’s eyes turned narrower, but he only shook his head and walked away from him. 
Later on Jaymi was in the hall to say a last goodbye to the other student and as all the other students who had been expelled, Jaymi had a last question to answer “I want you to be honest with me now” the principal asked and Jaymi nodded. “If you had the chance to make it all over again, as if nothing had happened, or like you never went to this school, as if your behave from home was alright and you were the good kid, would you then change it all?” the principal asked. Jaymi stood for a moment and thought. “No” he replied. The other students gasped. “I wouldn’t change a thing, because coming to this school were both the worst and the best my parents could’ve done to me” The principal looked wondering at Jaymi. “I actually want to thank them. Yes I might go home tonight, but I met a person here who, believe it or not, changed my point of view. He made me realize something. I would also like to thank my roommates. But the one I’m talking about know who he is, and I wish I knew he just heard what I said and I wish he could forgive me for what I’ve done” Jaymi looked around the crowd to try and spot George, but he couldn’t and he breathed out despondent. 
He went back to his room to pack his last stuff before his dad arrived, when it suddenly knocked on the door. Jaymi knew it wasn’t closed so he turned around to face no one else but George. He didn’t expect to see him. He stood up and watched as George closed the door and walked towards him. “I just.. I uhm..” Jaymi mumbled, but was cut off by George placing a finger on his mouth. George shook his head short before he embraced Jaymi in a tight hug, which Jaymi returned. “You’re the most egocentric asshole I’ve ever met” George said and pulled out from the hug, “but I guess that’s what makes you different from everybody else” he said and placed a kiss on Jaymis forehead. 

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