Love and Drama

Hannah and her three friends Megan,Rebecca and Jessica go and live with Hannah's Big brother Louis Tomilson after a tradgedy while they are there they will sufer Love and Drama


3. You like me??

  Hannahs POV

 "UMMMMM,Hannah i have something to tell you"Niall said in my ear while he was still huging me

"And whats that"i asked confused

"I really like you and i was wondering if you wanna go on a date some time"he asked his hopes high

"Why do you like me im a piece of junk"i said still confused

"No your not"he said 





"Lokk Niall you would have to get my brothers Ok"i said

"Yes anything for you"he said

 Me and Niall just sat there staring in eachothers eyes and thats when i realized i do like him

"Well are you gonna go ask him"i said breacking our eye conection

"yup"he said running out

I waited there for a while when Louis came in

"You can date him but be carefull"Louis said while hugging me

"Thank you sooooooooo much"i said while Louis walked out

"Soooooooooooo"Niall asked

"Yes Nialler i will go out with you.

  sorry for the short chapter but im lazy

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