Love and Drama

Hannah and her three friends Megan,Rebecca and Jessica go and live with Hannah's Big brother Louis Tomilson after a tradgedy while they are there they will sufer Love and Drama


2. Louis

 Hannah's POV

 I was just crying in the office when my brother came in he rushed over to me and cradeled me in his arms"L-L-Louis how are you dealing with this"i asked him"Im not"he said"Cmon lets go we half to get your stuff and get to the bus"He added.Once we got my stuff i walked on the bus layed my stuff down and ran to my room.

 Louis's POV

 I would of ran off crying with her but i was somewhat happy only because Hannah brang Rebecca.Me and Rebecca dated for a while before i went on the x-factor and now we will get back together again."Louis"Rebecca yelled while jumping in to my arms"Becca"i yelled huging her and spinning her"Ummm Lou is there anything your not telling us"Harry asked"This is my old girlfriend Rebecca we dident Oficaly breck up we just dident see eachother so i guess we are still dating"I said looking down into Becca's Dark brown eyes and brushing her Dark brown hair out of her face"Yup"she said"Yay i always thought you two were adorabale"Jessica said"Thank you and guys this is Jessica or jess and this is Megan or Meg and this is Rebecca or becca"i said pointing to each of the girls"Hi"they all said at the same time.

 Niall's POV

  All of us met Hannah before but not her friends and me and Hannah had a thing well we were best friends so i decided to go give her a Horan Hug.I walked into Hannah's room and she had her face in the pillow crying her eyes out"Hannah are you ok"i asked her"No"she said"Two resons"she said"Why"i asked " mom and dad died and 2....."she traieled off"Whats the second reson"i asked her"you promise not to tell anyone"she said"i promise"i said she slowly un covered her wrist that had wrist bads over them and i saw that she had so many cuts"Why"i asked her"Because im the ugliest of all my friends im the fattest of all my friends and im the dumbist of all my friends and i hate my life"she said crying again"Your Beautiful,Your Fit and your smart" i said and gave her a great big giant Horan hug.

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