Love and Drama

Hannah and her three friends Megan,Rebecca and Jessica go and live with Hannah's Big brother Louis Tomilson after a tradgedy while they are there they will sufer Love and Drama


1. Megan

  Hannah's POV

 I got out of bed and made my way very slowly over to the bathroom i stripped down and got in the shower.After my shower i brushed my long light brown hair and put it up in a side braid.I put on a pair of Red skinny jeans on and a black and white striped tank top.Yes i know i dress like my brother but i just really like these coulers."Get down here Han"My best friend Megan called.Megan has Bleach blonde hair and blue eyes(the eyes are like mine)"I'm comming"i said.Me and Megan were walking to school when i asked"Hey how did you get in my apartment"i asked with a confused look"I know where you keep your key"She laughed"oh"i laughed along with her.

 Louis's POV

 I just got off the phone with moms docter and she told me that mom and Dad just got in a accident and died instantly.I was curled up in a ball in the corner of my room Crying my eyes out.After about an hour the boys came to check on me and they saw me"Lou whats wrong"Hazza asked"My mom and dad died"i said still crying my eyes out.They all ran over to me and hugged me and said that they would be there to support me.I was just thinking about random stuff when i remebered that my sister is alone oh crap.

 Hannah's POV

 It was the middle of Math class and i was almost asleep when i was called to the princabel's Office.I got up out of my chair and slowly walked in the Office.Mrs.Hannah Tomilson the princeabal said"Yes thats me"i said"Oh well i have some bad news your brother mr.Tomilson just called and informed us that Your mother and fater have passed away and that he will be picking you up along with three friends"he said"W-what" i said starting to cry"I'm sorry but you must pick the three friends your bringing"He said "Megan,Rebecca and jessica"i saidok and he called the girls down.Once the girls got here i told them the story and they all agreed to come and that they will be there for me.

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