The Only Thing That Keeps Me Going

I don't know how I got into this situation, or how I will get out of it. I was just hanging out with the future One Direction. They all have lovely voices and they should really do something with it. They are all my best friends, however I have a secret crush on Niall. I was watching them rehearse when, it happened. Now nothing can ever be the same again....


3. The Kidnapping

After what we all saw on TV, we all decided to go and pay Zayn's mum, Tricia a visit. As we all piled into Harry's car, I sat there, shaking at the thought of him missing. We were on our way there when, a road we needed to go down was blocked because of water pipes or something.

"We're gonna have to find another way round." Harry said. We all nodded in agreement. No-one saying anything.

Unfortunately, the road we drove into also had parts of it blocked but they were letting one lane through with a policeman at the end stopping people. Finally we moved up and the policeman came up to us.

"Where are we going today then?" He asked.

"North Street." Harry replied trough the car window.

"Right," The man said. "What you need to do is take the next left, go straight on past the local pub, then your best option is to take the next right into the deserted lane, then you go straight on. Take caution." He lowered his tone.

"Thank you." Harry said with a nervous voice.

We were all nervous. It's called the deserted lane because no-one lives in the houses, they were all run down. However the lane is never empty, it's known for criminal activities. Gangs meet up, drug dealings take place, weapons are smuggled and there have even been murders.

As Harry indicated right, the whole car grew tense. He drove slowly, everyone keeping their eyes peeled. Not even a mouse stirred. We were going to make it! Until, we drove over something.

"What was that?" I asked. 

"I dunno." Louis answered.

Everyone looked out of their windows simultaneously, shocked being the new emotion. Harry turned around to me; he looked petrified.

"W well," He stuttered. "We either ran over someone, o or we drove over a dead corpse."

It all went cold. I started to hug up to Niall; he didn't seem to mind.

"Just keep driving." Liam commanded calmly.

Harry was about to turn the key, when something fell, causing the whole car to shake.

"WHAT WAS THAT!?" I screamed. 

Then, my question was answered. A severed, bloody hand could be seen at the top of Liam's window. Another corpse was on top of us.

We all just sat there, too shocked to do anything for a couple of minutes. All of a sudden, a middle-aged man started running towards us with a wild face; a crowbar raised. Within seconds, at least ten men were running towards us, all with destructive objects.

"DRIVE!" Niall yelled hugging me equally.

"It's not working!" Harry squealed, the engine had died. We were sitting ducks. The men were getting too close.


We all bent down to protect ourselves from the shattering glass. I kept my eyes tightly shut. All I could hear was Harry, Louis, Liam and Niall screaming. It quietened down: I was still in the car untouched. 

But not for long. A man grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the car. I could see Liam bruised, bleeding and unconscious being thrown into the back of a black van. I started to cry with fright.

Two men started walking up to us, one grubby and thin, the other bulky and giant.

"There's a little'n." I flinched as the man holding me shouted to the the two men and tightened his grip on my arm.

The bulky one took out a piece of cloth from his pocket and started pouring liquid onto it. They were going to drug me.

In one swift move, the man holding me pulled me into him, one hand on my waist, the other resting on my shoulder.

As the two men approached, the thin one bent down to my level. "It's okay, no-one's gonna hurt you."

He said as the guy holding me removed his hand from shoulder and placed the cloth to my nose and mouth.

"Just take a deep breathe in and everything will be fine."

I attempted to hold my breathe but it was no use. Within a matter of nano-seconds, I was engulfed in darkness...

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