The Only Thing That Keeps Me Going

I don't know how I got into this situation, or how I will get out of it. I was just hanging out with the future One Direction. They all have lovely voices and they should really do something with it. They are all my best friends, however I have a secret crush on Niall. I was watching them rehearse when, it happened. Now nothing can ever be the same again....


4. The Journey

As I opened my eyes, my wrists immediately began to ache. There was very strong, tight rope around them. I couldn't talk either. My mouth was duct taped shut. I was in the back of a car boot. Where were the others? Will I ever see them again? My head hurt with questions and the fact that you feel like shit when you wake up from being drugged. I decided to close my eyes and fall asleep.

In next to no time at all (though it must have been because I felt well rested) car doors slammed. Expectantly, they opened the boot next. The sunlight blinded my eyes but they quickly adjusted. Surprisingly, the two men in front of me gently removed the duct tape and the rope on my hands, then they started to take my hair out of my bun and neatly brush it. I was so confused. I didn't say a word however and just went with it. When one of them came down to my level, I realised it was the thin man back in the deserted lane. 

"Right," he said. "We are brothers," He gestured to the other man now finding me some cooler clothes. "And you are our little sister Lucy." He handed me a passport. I then realised we were at an airport. Then the other man handed me the clothes. I just nodded and we walked inside. 

They waited out side the girls toilets for me as I got changed into quite a nice sleeveless top, some shorts, and a pair of flip-flops. They got agitated when they saw that our plane had a two hour delay. My heart dropped as I thought they were gonna take it out on me. It rose again though as I one of them said "Lets go find John."

I followed right behind them until we got to cafe. We must have met John because we sat at a table with two other people, John, and Harry!

I couldn't believe it when I saw him. I felt safe again, but he didn't look well. I pushed my chair right up to his on the round table.

"What's up with him?" I asked before I could stop myself.

"He put up a fight in the car park." John answered.

"So you spiked his drink or something to make him all dozy?" Since no-one answered, I presumed that was the case. Harry started to open his eyes.

"Harry." I whispered to him.

"Charlie," His voice was barley a whisper, I had to move my head closer just to hear him. His eyes were fluttering and he was slouched on his chair. He said each word very slowly. "They (deep breathe in (D/B)) made me (D/B) drink something (D/B) and now (D/B) I haven't (D/B) even (D/B) got enough (D/B) energy (D/B) to talk."

"It's okay, you don't have to talk, just rest." He managed to nod his head.

Trying to be good "brothers", they bought a large cookie and a bottle of orange lucozade for me. 

"Thank you." I said, though they didn't seem to be taking any notice. My attention turned back to Harry. "Here," I said handing him the lucozade. "Drink it."

As he drank, colour was brought back to his cheeks and immediately started to have more energy. A man on the table took the bottle away from us, realising he shouldn't have bought me an energy drink, we just laughed. 

"Don't fight, and they won't do anything to us." I said to Harry, not wanting to be split up. "Where are the others?"

"I don't know," Harry said. "You were the last of us to wake up because you had supposedly already been drugged,"


"So then they drugged us to go back to sleep, we woke up in the van. Then they put us into separate cars and we all drove off in different directions."

"Will we ever see them again?" I asked.

Harry was about to answer before John cut in.

"You'll all land up together at the end of it." They started to laugh.

Harry and I split the cookie in half and nibbled at it, savouring every mouthful, not knowing when we will next be able to eat. When the two long hours were finally up, we followed are kidnappers onto the plane. I clung to Harry's arm like glue. When we were seated on the plane, we were allowed to sit next to each other however we were constantly being watched as the three men sat right across from us.

"Where are we going?" I asked Harry.

"Dunno," He replied. "Where are we going?" He asked the thin man.

"The Sahara." They started to laugh  again.

Harry and I gave each other a worried look, then I fell asleep....

Five hours later, we were still on the plane.

"How long do we have left?" I asked groggily.

"About another six hours" Harry said.

"Urrghh." I groaned. Harry chuckled.

For the rest of the journey, Harry simply made me laugh doing pointless things just like Louis would. 

Finally, we landed.


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