A mother's perspective of telling her child that her daddy won't be coming home anytime soon.


1. Innocence

“Mommy! Mommy!

Why does daddy keep going away?

Doesn’t he know that I miss him

And that I want to play?”


“Mommy! Mommy!

Where does daddy go?

Why can’t he come home for my school’s play?

Does he want to be left alone?”


“Mommy! Mommy!

I miss daddy a lot!

He works in the army, doesn’t he?

I am proud of him because he’s protecting our country!”


“Mommy! Mommy!

Why isn’t daddy coming back?

It has been so many days.

I want to hug him and climb on his back!”


“Mommy! Mommy!

Why are you crying so much?

Think of daddy if he saw you like this.

He wouldn’t be happy, would he?

Now smile and show me your teeth!”


As I looked into my little child’s innocent blue eyes,

I told her that her daddy will be away,

For he died,

Saving the day.

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