Four Given

Sequel to "Too Late To Apologize" so you'll really have to read that first.

Harley and Niall Horan are now proud parents of Karey and Leo. Makayla and Zayn take the next step while Liz and Louis take one step back. Harley has to raise these two kids while Niall is still in One Direction. Will Harley be able to handle it? And will One Direction have to realize that forever young can't really be forever? Find out in this sequel that just might be as good as the first.


7. Karey's First Day

                          Harley's P.O.V.


                                                   "Maybe it's the way she walked!.." my alarm clock blared as the clock hit 6:45 a.m. Today was Karey's first day of Kindergarten. I groaned and slammed my palm onto the mute button. Shut up! I slid out of bed which caused Niall to groan and open his eyes. Great. I walked out of the bedroom and put my hand on my now 6 year old daughter's bedroom. (Her birthday was 1 month ago) I turned the doorknob and opened the door to reveal a peacefully asleep Karey. "Wake up Kare Bear! Time for the first day of school!" I shook her. She yawned and sat up. She rubbed her eyes and looked up at me. "Hi mommy! Is Lux in my class?" she asked enthusiastically. "Yes baby, Lux is in your class," I laughed. "Yay!" she cheered and jumped out of bed. She picked out a white outfit. White lace shirt, white lace skirt, and white sandals. I combed her blonde hair into two tiny pigtails with flowers.

                                                 "Good morning my beautiful girls," I felt Niall lips hit my cheek. "Don't you think your daughter looks beautiful," I held her up as he held a giggly Leo. "She looks like the cutest thing ever!" Niall tickled her. "Okay let's go wait for the bus," we walked to the glass door. "Mummy there it is!" she pointed. I grabbed her pink and purple book bag and ran out the door. Niall held Leo and followed us. "Bye mummy and daddy!" she hugged us and then ran to the bus to sit by Lux. We waved to her as the bus drove further away. "Will she be okay?" I hugged Niall. "She'll be fine. You'll be fine," he kissed my head. "I be fun!" Leo threw his hands up. Niall and I laughed as we walked back into the house. 

                                                               2 hours later...

                                                    "Babe, which of these jobs should I pick?" Niall asked as he sat at the table looking through the newspaper. "I don't know. Have any of the boys picked a job yet?" I questioned. "No. I want to provide for my family," he ran his hand through his messy hair.  "Babe, stop worrying. You'll find a job. We love you either way," I rubbed his back. "Hey! What about this job at Nando's!" he pointed. I looked down to read the fine print.

                                                       New Waiter Wanted!

                                    Here at Nando's, we pay our waiters 75.00 an hour. 

                                  We need a waiter to work 5 hours a day. You will earn 

                                   375.00 a day. Please go to the Nando's restaurant's 

                                                         website. Thank you.

                                                    "You want to be a waiter?" I looked to him. He nodded. "It's easy and pays good money. Plus, I love Nando's," he explained. "Yes Niall, I know you love Nando's," I laughed. "So.. do you think I should apply?" he asked. "If you want to Niall," I kissed his lips softly.                                                                                                                                                                        I ran up to Leo's room to see him watching Blue's Clues. "Hello baby boy," I picked him up. "Hi mummy!" he put his tiny hands on my cheeks. "You like Blue?!" I tickled his little belly. "Bwue!" he cheered. "Well, guess who will know if he got a job at Nando's or not this Wednesday," Niall walked in. "Yay! I'm so happy baby!" I hugged his neck. He crashed his lips into mine. 

                                                             1 hour later...

                                        Niall's P.O.V.


                                                    "Babe! Karey's home!" I called. Harley came running to the door as Karey walked. Leo ran after his mum. "Hi mummy! Hi daddy!" Karey hugged us. After I hugged her, Harley couldn't let go. "Mum, you can let go now," Karey laughed. "Oh. I just missed my little Kare Bear so much!" she let her go. I laughed and kissed my beautiful wife. "Look! I drew a picture!" she gave us a piece of paper. "Aw look who got the skills from her mum!" I kissed Harley's cheek. "Yeah. This is going on the fridge," she walked and put it on a a magnet. "Perfect," we admired the drawing of our beautiful family.

                                                     *That Night... 9:00 p.m.*

                                                      "Night mum, night dad," Karey hugged us. "Night baby," we kissed. We turned out her light as I settled my hand above her bum. "You are so hot tonight," I growled in her ear. "Niall, not tonight. I'm really really tired," she yawned. "Okay. Well, I'll just sleep in the living room while you sleep in the bed that should be covered with your sweat," I whispered. "Fine!" she grabbed my collar and pulled me against her...

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