Four Given

Sequel to "Too Late To Apologize" so you'll really have to read that first.

Harley and Niall Horan are now proud parents of Karey and Leo. Makayla and Zayn take the next step while Liz and Louis take one step back. Harley has to raise these two kids while Niall is still in One Direction. Will Harley be able to handle it? And will One Direction have to realize that forever young can't really be forever? Find out in this sequel that just might be as good as the first.


6. Five Directions

                                Niall's P.O.V.


                                                  That's right. One Direction. We're over. After 5 years we're finally through. I was sitting on the couch watching Two And A Half Men. "Baby," I felt my wife's lips kiss my cheek. "Morning, beautiful," I kissed her lips softly. She walked sexily over to me and sat in my lap. Her face facing mine. "I enjoyed last night," she bit my ear. I bit my lip thinking of the night before. "Did I satisfy you my lady?" I spoke in a french accent. "You did my my good sir," she grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a long hot kiss. We heard a door screech from upstairs. Harley pulled away and walked up the stairs. I watched her as she walked. Oh my God. She's so amazing. A few minutes later she walked back down with Karey in her arms. "Hi daddy," she waved. Harley put her down and she ran to me. "I love daddy," she giggled and hugged my neck. "Daddy loves Karey," I laughed.

                                                    Harley was cooking bacon and eggs with my hand on her bum. "Someone's a little touchy today," she rubbed her forehead against mine and kissed my nose. "I just love you baby," I kissed her cheek. "Mummy, daddy, is it bad that Leo is standing up and trying to get out of his crib?" Karey asked. "Oh my God!" Harley ran upstairs and into the nursery. I stood behind her. Leo was standing in his crib and pointing to the TV. I looked at the television to see One Direction on the screen.

                            "It's official. After 5 years, One Direction is officially over! Band member Harry Styles spoke up for the band by saying: 'We love our fans and we love each other but, we just can't seem to be there for the band because of our personal lives. We have families to take care of and being in the band is just too much. We just want our fans to know we will always love them and we're sorry it ended so early'. Wow. Sad day for Directioners," the reporter stated.

                                                           "Niall, I think you did the right thing," Harley kissed me softly. "I do too," I looked at Karey who was in Leo's crib playing with him. "Leo is ready to walk baby," my wife grabbed Leo and sat down on the floor. I sat down 2 feet in front of her. "Okay Leo. Walk to daddy," she stood him up. "Dada," he spoke. I had tears in my eyes as my beautiful son took a step. I looked up to see Harley taping every moment as our 11 month year old took his first steps. He stumbled a few times but never fell. He walked and walked until he finally fell into my arms. I held him up as he giggled. "He walked!" I cheered. "Yes!" Harley kissed me passionately. "Yay!" Karey smiled. "Yey!" Leo giggled.

                                                                        3 hours later...

                                                               "Goodnight Kare Bear," I kissed my daughter's forehead. "Night daddy," she yawned. "Goodnight baby girl," Harley gave Karey a hug. "Night mama," she turned onto her side and closed her eyes. We turned out the light and I looked at Harley. I closed Karey's door and picked Harley up. "You're mine tonight," I bit her bottom lip. "Is Leo asleep?" she asked. "Yep," I answered. She crashed her lips into mine and I ran my hand up her shirt...

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