Four Given

Sequel to "Too Late To Apologize" so you'll really have to read that first.

Harley and Niall Horan are now proud parents of Karey and Leo. Makayla and Zayn take the next step while Liz and Louis take one step back. Harley has to raise these two kids while Niall is still in One Direction. Will Harley be able to handle it? And will One Direction have to realize that forever young can't really be forever? Find out in this sequel that just might be as good as the first.


5. But Why Did You Do That?

                             Niall's P.O.V.


                                                     Okay. I can't take this anymore. I finally set Leo in his crib as he slept and I picked up the phone. I dialed the number for Modest! Management and waited for them to pick up. "Hello this is Modest! Management speaking," a lady answered the phone. "Yes, get me the boss," I replied. 


                           Harley's P.O.V.


                                                     There I was. Sitting on Lizzy's couch. Missing Niall like crazy and not wanting to admit it. This was my 5th cup of tea and still all I taste is tears. "You okay?" Lizzy asked. "Oh, yeah. I'm fine," I replied, keeping my eyes locked on the TV screen as I watched Friends. Ring Ring I heard a phone go off. "Wanna get that?" I looked at Liz. "Right," she laughed and went over to it. As always, I eavesdropped. "Hello. Niall? Do you wanna talk to Harley? No, you wanna talk to Louis. Why? Oh. Okay," she walked into Louis' room and gave him the phone. She walked back into the living room and sat down on the couch. "What was that about?" I asked. "Niall wanted to talk to Louis about something important," she explained. "Oh," I sighed. 

                                                       About 12 minutes later Louis came out from his room and into the living room. "Hey Harley, Ni-" he was cut off by a doorbell ringing. Lizzy got up and walked to the door. She turned the knob and opened the door to reveal a teary eyed Niall and a sleeping Leo. Niall's eyes were red from tears and there were still a few rolling down his cheeks. I wanted to run and hug him but I held back. "Where is she?" he choked. "On the couch," she pointed. I had my eyes still locked on the screen. I felt the spot on the couch beside me sink in as he sat down. "Harley. Please talk to me baby girl," he cried. I looked at him. He was a mess. "Give me my baby," I demanded. He handed Leo over to me. I stroked his blonde hair. He opened his eyes and looked at me. "Muma," he spoke. I gasp. His first word! I looked at Niall who stared at Leo shocked. "He he he. He said mama," he stuttered. "I know!" I squealed. "Princess, I quit," he spoke. "What do you mean Niall?" I asked. "One Direction. I quit," he answered. I handed Leo to Liz. "Why did you do that baby?" I hugged him. He hugged me really tight and buried his head in my neck. "I didn't want to lose my family," he whispered. "Niall, I love you. No matter what you do, I'll always love you," I exclaimed. "I thought you didn't love me anymore," he choked. "That's ridiculous," I crashed my lips into his. "I love you princess," he kissed my cheek. "So, what about the band?" I questioned. "I guess it's over," Louis sighed. "I've been a fan for 5 years," I gasped. "Wow," the boys were surprised. "I guess it's okay. It had to end some day," Louis explained. "Hey!" I turned my head to see Karey looking angry. "Yes baby girl," I smiled. She walked over to Niall. "Daddy," she whispered and held her arms up. Niall picked her up and hugged her. She hugged his neck. "I missed you daddy," she cried. "I missed you too baby girl," he kissed her cheek. "Hello little booger," Louis picked Karey up. "Hello Louis," she blushed. "Hey! You watch it with my little girl!" Niall demanded. "Hey! She's five!" Louis laughed. 

                                            We left Lizzy and Louis' flat about 1 hour later. Leo was in his highchair and Karey was sitting in a 'big chair' like Niall and I. "Mummy, this pizza is good," she took another bite of the pizza I made. "Thank you Kare Bear," I smiled. "You look beautiful, princess," Niall placed his plate in the sink. "I'm just wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt," I laughed. "I know but still," he kissed my cheek and picked up Leo. "I'll put him to bed," he carried him upstairs. "Mummy, I like daddy like this," she walked over to my chair. "Me too baby," I picked her up. "Can I go to bed mummy? I'm tired," she yawned. "Of course Kare," I carried her up the stairs and into her room. I placed her into the princess bed and tucked her in. "Goodnight beautiful baby girl," I kissed her forehead. "Goodnight mummy. I love you," she rolled over to her side and closed her eyes. "I love you too," I turned out the light and closed her door. I went into the nursery to see Niall looking over into his son's crib. "Hiya handsome," I kissed his cheek. "Hi beautiful. Our son is so perfect," he messed with his little fingers as he slept. "Like his father," I smiled. "Like you," he leaned in and gave me a passionate kiss. After a few minutes, we pulled away. "Let's say we move this to our bedroom," he smirked. I grabbed his collar and pulled him onto our room.




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