Supernatural Adventures( One Direction Fanfiction)

A lifetime adventure of hybrids, vampires and werewolves. Many adventures to be discovered. Lost families, ancient relics, teddy bears( wait what?!? What does teddy bears got to do with this ^_^) lost in a Zombie Apocalypse 10 years ago. How does Rosie, Sky, Kayla, Kenzie and Brooke manage to find ,what they once called home and family, in the Zombie's lair, across the the most dangerous forest in the whole wide...wide... world. Will they be willing to sacrifice their life to save their lost family. Will they need help or will they go it alone.....


2. Wishing upon a star

Kayla's P.O.V.


Its getting late, it has been 5 hours since Sky left. Kenzie, Brooke and I got worried we decided to send out a search party to look for them but we couldn't disobey Sky's orders. We had to wait for them as time passes in an blink of an eye.

*12:00 midnight*

2 days until the full moon, still Sky and Rosie aren't back yet. Knowing that we would change to wolves in 2 days, I focused on a part of my power, which is reading the past, present and future, I saw 2/5 of our enemies kidnapped them. I felt anger raging through my veins, a part of me wanted revenge and the other part just wanted me to stay calm. I concentrated fully on what's going to happen to my sisters and decided to inform them but something or someone is blocking me. Curses! It was Louis my enemy ,well he was my friend until I found out he was a vamp. 

* In Kayla's thoughts...*

"Stop it Tomlinson!!!" I shouted in my thoughts, hoping he would respond

"Never!!! Not until my friends and I get what we want!!" Louis screamed 

"Damn you, Louis!!" I cursed him 

I then fell on my knees, OH CRAP!!! MAJOR HEADACHE!!!! I shouldn't had done that, always comes and go. I went to the near by river in the camp, scooped up some water using my hands and instantly freezing it before crushing the ice into not so tiny pieces. There all done... an ice pack.( Awkward O.o )

A flash of light shot down the sky, a shooting star. I took the opportunity to wish on my sisters safety.

" I wish my sisters, Sky and Rosie, return back to camp grounds early before the full moon because those asshole vampires captured them and who know they might just i don't know....RIP THEIR HEADS OFF!!" I mumbled-shouted to myself.

I felt a warm tear tricking down my face when...OW!!! Stupid headache. Out of a sudden, wait whaa.... how did he... I passed out not know what the hell happened..


Authors' Note

Sorry for the late updates...

Cheryl has been sick for a few days but now she's all better. x Sophie

Sophie was on a holiday!!!: :-) x Cheryl

This chapter is really short and we know it we'll try our best to make it longer.

x Cheryl and Sophie



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