Supernatural Adventures( One Direction Fanfiction)

A lifetime adventure of hybrids, vampires and werewolves. Many adventures to be discovered. Lost families, ancient relics, teddy bears( wait what?!? What does teddy bears got to do with this ^_^) lost in a Zombie Apocalypse 10 years ago. How does Rosie, Sky, Kayla, Kenzie and Brooke manage to find ,what they once called home and family, in the Zombie's lair, across the the most dangerous forest in the whole wide...wide... world. Will they be willing to sacrifice their life to save their lost family. Will they need help or will they go it alone.....


1. Kidnapped

Nobody's P.O.V.

Rosie went out off the camp and put her younger sister, Sky,in charge of the camp's safety as in take care of the camp while she was gone. Well, if you are familiar with vampires and werewolves, you should know that we have a camp for our kinds, especially if you can't control your powers. Rosie(Sophie)'s sisters, Skylan(Sky), McKayla(Kayla), McKenzie(Kenzie) and Brooklyn(Brooke) control 'Camp Werewolf'. The 'controllers' of Camp Vampire are sort of their arch enemies. 

FYI... Thy are actually hybrids, half vampire, half werewolf. They can cooperate and get along very well with the vampires and werewolves. But the millionaire question is: Who do you think they are?.Answer to that is they are 'royal'. those five sisters are the last hope to save the lost families and ancient relics from the Zombies across the most dangerous forest which is what they call home for now, The Lost Forbidden Forest. The Zombie Apocalypse 10 years ago was a very tragic day. Many families were lost so as the treasures beneath Castle VampWolves. Poor them, they had to flee off in order to keep the kingdom safe. Just one day, one day, they would fight to the end of their life just for the love of their family.

Rosie's P.O.V.

I was is search for a healing flower, which grows near a river bank across our territory, for an injured camper. I suddenly bumped into, Niall Horan, my arch nemesis.

" Are you OK?" Niall asked

" Yes, I am. Thank. You. For worrying Horan," I replied sassily while getting up on my feet

He did a signal but i wasn't sure what he was doing. As curious as a black cat, I wondered and just got lost in my head, before i figured it out I was knocked out.

* 1 hour later*

Sky's P.O.V.

The situation was getting worst, the camper couldn't take no more and Rosie still hasn't return with the flower yet. Suddenly, it shot my mind we had an emergency flower kept in the first aid box for well....emergency. I quickly ran to the first aid box and took the flower.

" Kayla, Kenzie, Brooke take care of Jake, protect the camp and make sure no one leaves the camp!!! I'm going to look for Rosie she hasn't come back yet. It has been an hour or two," I instructed them

"Yes sister, We'll do our best," Kenzie said

"Go Sky, Who knows what has happened to Rosie," Brooke told me

"Good Luck," Kayla said in unison

"Thanks, I'll need that," I replied seriously.

I ran out of camp grounds as quick as lightning. My hair was flowing through the big gush of wind, leaves rustles as ran. I searched every inch of our territory. But still nothing . I ran to the river bank and saw, Harry Styles, my life time bully.

" Why are you in a hurry, wolf?" He asked smirking

" None of your business, Styles!!!" i exclaimed while rolling my eyes

" Wrong answer, wolfie," he said

I got a feeling that i was gonna be chased. I tried running away but damn he was freaking fast. Out of the blue, I was knocked out. My vision blurred, i felt dizzy all of a sudden. The last thing I saw was blood flowing down my head. I bet it was just a tinny-weenie-itsy-bitsy cut.


Authors' Note

Hey guys, hope you guys enjoy this fan fiction that we wrote. Eeyup, my friend and I decided to work together to write this fanfic. No hate please.




x Cheryl and Sophie(Rosie)





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