Wings are made to fly, right?

This is a story about Jemma who's been sent to Earth because she's been unable to use the wings she received to fly for some particular reason. The 'some particular reason' being a jerk who broke her heart when she was still human. Since he was the cause of her inability to fly, she's been sent to fix it. But, how can she do that when she doesn't even know who he is? Or that he is he even when he's standing right in front of her?


4. The Rules

'So, tell me what you did to get yourself in this predicament?' The girl said sitting down.

'You wouldn't believe me if I told you', Jemma told her. 'If I can't even believe it's happening. How could you possibly believe it?'

'Try me.' She retorted without blinking.

'Okay, but promise me one thing. Even if you start thinking I'm some lunatic , you won't leave me behind. I have absolutely noone I can rely on in this world. No one.' I tell her, as tears start to form in my eyes. I don't know anything about this world. This time. I suddenly remember the rules Michael told me. Why didn't I think of them before? Wait a second... I don't even remember him having told them to me.


The Rules for allowing Jemma to go to Earth with a human Body

1. You can absolutely, under no circumstance reveal that you are a mythical being.

2. You have 12 full moons time to complete your mission. If you fail, then you have no chance left.

3. If somebody finds out the truth about you or if you tell someone and they betray you, then you will be pulled back at once.

4. Only use the your powers for extreme emergencies.

5. Contact with any mythical being from this realm is strictly prohibited. Even if you contact mythical being on Earth you will just look like some crazy lady talking to air.


At least, that's what I remember. 'Hello', the girl says, her voice pulls me out of my thoughts, my thoughts of reciting the rules.

'Yes?' I question her, I'd forgotten she was even there. Oh right, I can't tell her the truth, but I can keep it as close to it as I can...  That should be okay.

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