Wings are made to fly, right?

This is a story about Jemma who's been sent to Earth because she's been unable to use the wings she received to fly for some particular reason. The 'some particular reason' being a jerk who broke her heart when she was still human. Since he was the cause of her inability to fly, she's been sent to fix it. But, how can she do that when she doesn't even know who he is? Or that he is he even when he's standing right in front of her?


6. Hospital

Suddenly I fall asleep. As if I'm floating away from everything. All I can feel is something being thrown over me, maybe I'm being covered by something. Oh... I suddenly feel really warm, I'm being picked up from the ground. I can't feel the dew anymore... What's going on? Is somebody carrying me?

I try to open my eyes but all I can see is a faint silhouette surrounded by the sun. My eyes feel to heavy, I can't do it anymore.


When I open my eyes, more easily this time I see that I'm in a room this time. There's a magic box playing something and saying something, I can't quite make out the words...

' You're finally awake, you scared me to death!' A familiar voice screamed. 'Shh' somebody shushes her. It's Kara.

' What happened?' I ask her wondering what I was doing here. The last thing I remember is lying on the grass...

' You fainted! The doctors gave you a check-up, the results are going to come out any minute now.' She tells me, almost tearing up. Why is this stranger, who doesn't even know me, so worried about me?

'I wish I'd met someone like you when I was still alive... Maybe everything would have turned out differently...' I murmur without consciously realizing it.

'What did you say?' She suddenly asks me.

'Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.'


A person wearing white suddenly walks into the room. He's wearing glass, an obvious toupee and carrying a chart in one hand. He looks kind enough, but Jemma can see the truth behind the mask. This doctor is a profit seeker, the only reason a smile is covering that ugly face is because she's in a private room. A room which is paid for by the richest of the rich so that they can enjoy their hospital stay a bit more than be stuffed in some room with a stranger who most likely snores at night and complains the whole time.

Jemma immediately had this distinct feeling of wariness from this person.


'Miss Stone. I'm here to tell you that you are literally like a baby.' He says obviously amused and intrigued at the same time.

'What do you mean?' Kara questions him.

'Miss Stone has absolutely no health problems. It's as if she's been living in complete isolation her whole life. By that I mean, no bruises, nothing broken, no health problems whatsoever. All organs in your body are as if they've never even be used. As if you were new born baby because only they possess this kind of system. However, there's downside to this. I must ask you, did you have any vaccination taken?'

'Uhm... I'm sorry, I'm not very sure what vaccinations even are,' ever since I was up there I haven't kept up to date of this world's improvements and inventions etc. 

Kara stands up shocked. 'What?! Were you living in a cave or something?'

'Something like that. I was living in a...' Oh, I can just tell them that ' I'm actually from  a very old fashioned town. My family didn't believe in any of the new technological advances , anything because we basically kept ourselves clean and happy. We've never had a need for such things.' I tell them. I mean, where I just came from it's not like I actually needed anything.

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