Wings are made to fly, right?

This is a story about Jemma who's been sent to Earth because she's been unable to use the wings she received to fly for some particular reason. The 'some particular reason' being a jerk who broke her heart when she was still human. Since he was the cause of her inability to fly, she's been sent to fix it. But, how can she do that when she doesn't even know who he is? Or that he is he even when he's standing right in front of her?


1. What am I doing here?

'Wings are made to fly' is what she told me when she sent me to Earth. What in heaven's name am I supposed to do here? Among people , wingless ones at that. Scared of every little thing. Worried about consequences of their decisions. People who don't follow their hearts, giving up their dreams. Those are exactly the reasons they're tied down to earth for, pulled down by gravity, pulled down by their fear. All it takes are words of dis-encouragement to stop them from flying. Everyone used to have wings, the possibility to fly. However, these humans gave theirs up long ago when they created communities and hurt each other using their mouths as weapons. There's a reason why they're wingless, it's because they don't deserve them. But why I wonder do I still envy them? There are those who get hurt, some give up, but some actually fly in spite of those words and regain their wings. How can they ?! If I was still human, would I be one of them? All I can do is sigh and wonder whether that would be true or not. Sadly, I know the truth. I’m not one of them.
So, I wonder , why is it that those humans who don't even have wings can actually fly?
Ugh. My mind's a complete mess right now. I'm just so confused. Why did I have to be sent to Earth? How could I possibly learn how to fly from humans? So what if I'm turning 2999 years old in a few days, and have yet to get a centimeter off the ground. It's not that big of a deal.

Oh, who am I kidding? It's an epically big deal.
Maybe I should have listened to my mom when she told me to go to Earth for training like all the others did all those years ago. But, why now? Why did she force me to go now of all times?

This is Jemma, she's an angel. Well… An angel in training. Usually this training ends the moment the angel in question is able to use the wings they received. However, Jemma still can’t. Usually it takes about a 1000 years for one to fully control their wings. Everyone thought she was a late bloomer. But, that’s not exactly why she hasn’t been able to. There’s actually another reason.

She hasn’t let go yet. She doesn’t realize it fully, but her heart is still holding on to the pain she received when she was alive. Jemma used to be a human, as is the case with all angels. However her story is more of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Basically, having very bad luck. She fell in love, but with the wrong person. He took her heart in his hand, shattered it into a million pieces and then danced all over it. Okay, I’m exaggerating. But, those are the words she used to describe the pain she felt. To top all of that she didn’t let go of him. She waited outside his house to find out why he broke up with her. Unfortunately she caught a cold. Now, in those times a cold was the same as getting a death sentence and that was exactly what it was. Three days is all it took. No food, medicine, and to top it all off, a snowstorm. He didn’t even find out what had happened to her because he’d already moved on to his next prey. He really didn't care, because to him she was just one of many.

Jemma saw everything from above. She saw him move from one woman to another and actually laugh at her expense. She saw her parents devastated, especially her father who was actually against her relationship with Jake, that’s what this jerk was called, from the beginning. Because of the pain Jake did unto others while he was alive, his punishment had been that he was reincarnated time after time. He received chance after chance to change his ways. However, he did not. He was a jerk every single time. In one of his lives he was actually known as Casanova. Apparently, that story had been based off of his life.

All of this was seen by Jemma. Even after everything he did, she loved him though. Or, at least a part of her did. The rest of her heart just wanted revenge. The reason she couldn’t fly was Jake, but she didn’t realize it until she was called upon by her mother.

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