Find My Way

Find My Way; Kim and Zayn have been together for five years. Everyone thought there relationship was perfect. It was perfect... until one day. Kim woke up and Zayn was gone. She looked far and deep into the ocean, but no signs of him. Everyone started to get worried. Zayn left and no one knows why. He left no clues, no hints, nothing. His house was empty, the calls were dismissed, the text messages are ignored. No one knows where Zayn is. The search for a new member began. Where We Are Tour has started.... Where is Zayn?


4. 1.4

Niall: Hey Kim. 

Kim: *laying on the bed* Oh hey Niall. *sits up* 

Niall: You doing ok? 

Kim: I'm never gonna be ok Niall. I lost Zayn, the man I love and been with for five years. 

Niall: I'm sure he'll find his way home.  

Kim: Me too. 

Niall: *looks around* What is that? *picks up the ring* 

Kim: Oh, that's a promise ring. 

Niall: Promise ring? Are you sure it's not an engagement ring? 

Kim: He doesn't want to rush it. He wants to take it slow first. 

Niall: With a promise ring? 

Kim: Yeah Niall. 

Niall: And what was that promise? 

Kim: He said... That no matter what happens or where he goes, he will always come back for me! Niall! 

Niall: *chuckles* What? 

Kim: That's it!  

Niall: What's it? 

Kim: He made a promise that he will always come back for me no matter what! 

Niall: *stares at kim in silence* 

Kim: Hello? 

Niall: Kim! He should be coming back soon then! 

Kim: Give me my ring! 

Niall: *hands the ring to kim* 

Kim: *puts on the ring and runs out the room* Guys! 

Harry: What? 

Kim: Niall just helped remind me something! 

Liam: What is it? 

Kim: See this ring? Zayn gave it to me yesterday before he came to the meeting. He said in I quote. "This is a promise ring to tell you that no matter what happens or where I go. I will always come back for you and that I love you." 

Louis: That's it Kim! All we have to do is sit back and wait for him. *chuckles* 

Kim: *smiles and then gets sad* But I still want to find him. 

Louis: We will help you. 

Kim: Thanks. I'll be in my room. 

Harry: Kim, he isn't gonna be in your room. You been in there all day, he isn't gonna just pop up and be like hey I been here this whole time. 

Kim: *cries* I wish that would be real Harry. 

Harry: Awh, I'm sorry. *walks and hugs kim* 

(Later That Night)  

Kim: *opens the door* 

Harry: Kim? 

Kim: *closes the door* Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you up. 

Niall: *wakes up* What's going on? 

Kim: Nothing, go back to sleep Niall. *walks back to the room* 

Louis: *waking up/tired* Kim?  

Kim: Yeah. 

Louis: What's wrong? 

Kim: I just wanted to go for a drive and get some fresh air. 

Louis: *gets up* No, you need some sleep. You been up all day, you need some rest. 

Kim: I really want to go out Louis. 

Louis: You want to go out? Like on a date with me? 

Kim: What? No I meant I want to go out and get some fresh air. 

Louis: Oh. 

Niall: *laughs* 

Louis: Shut up Niall. 

Niall: *shuts up* 

Louis: If you want to go for a ride, then I'll give you one. 

Harry: That's dirty. 

Louis: What is? Oh, Liam! I was saying if she wanted to go for a ride, I can give her one as in... 

Liam: *wakes up/irritated* Can I get some sleep! 

Kim: *goes off to the room* 

Louis: Go back to sleep everyone. 

(One Month Later) 

Simon: Guys, you seriously haven't found Zayn yet? 

Liam: We tried every day and there wasn't any signs of him Simon, please don't be upset with us. 

Simon: I'm not upset; I'm disappointed in you guys. If one of you were to be abducted, are you guys just gonna give up that easily? What if Zayn was abducted?  

Louis: He can't be. 

Simon: You think he would just turn off his number like that? 

Harry: We tried calling every day, but it was always the same thing. 

Simon: What? Out of service? 

Harry: Yes. 

Simon: You guys have four months left until Where We Are Tour starts. I didn't call you guys in to see if you found Zayn, I have people looking for him as well. So take a break from it. 

Niall: Then why are we here Simon? 

Simon: Good question Niall. Boys, I don't think we can wait for Zayn, I don't think we'll find him before the tour starts. 

Louis: Don't say that, I'm sure he's somewhere near here hiding only. 

Simon: Next week, we are starting a show for a search for... 

Liam: Zayn? Yes! That's exactly what we need. 

Simon: No Liam! We are starting a show for a search for a new member call "I'm With The Band" With you four and me, we'll be the judges. So again, you won't have time to be looking for Zayn.  

Niall: Wait, so we're replacing Zayn? 

Simon: I have no other choice, but to do that. 

Liam: *makes a sad face* 

Simon: Alright, meeting's over.  

Louis: So much for a five month break right? 

Harry: All because of Zayn. 

Louis: Hey. 

Kim: So what did Simon say? 

Harry: We're getting a new member. 

Kim: What? He can't do that! Zayn is important and he needs to stay in the group! 

Louis: That's what we said.  

Niall: He told us to call off the search for Zayn and start a search for a new member. 

Kim: What?! That's not fair! He could be suffering, he can be hurt, he's probably depending on you guys and me to help find him! *tries not to cry* 

Louis: *hugs kim* It's gonna be ok. Simon said he got some people looking for Zayn. 

Kim: Some? 

Louis: You know what I meant. 

Kim: *takes a deep breath and exhales* 

(The Next Week) 

Simon: Hello, what's your name? 

Zack: Zack, I'm Zack. 

Louis: Ok Zack, why do you want to be a member of One Direction? 

Zack: Well because I love the band, you guys inspired me to be who I am today. I wanted to take my own life and then I heard of you guys and just... changed. 

Louis: Well you know hurting yourself isn't gonna get you anywhere right? 

Zack: Yeah. 

Liam: What are you gonna be singing for us? 

Zack: I'm gonna sing Little Things. 

Harry: Little Things? Ok, let's hear it. 

Zack: *sings little tihngs* 

Simon: *stops the music* That was horrible. 

Liam: I thought he sounded great. 

Louis: Yeah, his voice was wonderful. You have an incredible voice Zack. 

Zack: *smiles* Thank you. 

Simon: Niall? 

Niall: Um, your voice was kind of shaky, but you still pulled it off and I think you'll do really great throughout the competition. 

Simon: Harry. 

Harry: I think your voice was perfect for the song. 

Zack: Thank you. 

Harry: But, I don't think if it'll be perfect for the other ones. 

Zack: *nods* 

Louis: Should we vote now? 

Harry: Yes. *smiles* 

Liam: *smiles* Yes. 

Simon: No. 

Louis: Yes. 

Niall: Yes. *smiles* 

Louis: Well that's four yes and you'll be glad to hear that you'll be going to the next round. 

Zack: Thank you so much. *smiles and walks off stage* 

Simon: He wasn't even good boys. 

Liam: I thought he was perfect. 

Simon: Ok, maybe he was good a little, but he wasn't great at all. 

Joe: Hi. 

Liam: Hello, what's your name? 

Joe: I'm Joe Hunters. 

Niall: What does being a member of One Direction mean to you? 

Joe: Well you get to explore the world. 

Niall: That's it? 

Joe: No, but what it means to be a member of One Direction is you have to have good spirit, great vocals, and be true to who you are. 

Harry: Sounds fair to me. 

Simon: Ok Joe, what are you gonna sing for us? 

Joe: Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis. 

Simon: Ok, you may start when you're ready. 

Joe: *sings bleeding love* 

Simon: Can I just say that was a beautiful performance, but add to it, it wasn't the best performed one. 

Joe: Cool. 

Harry: Um, I thought your voice was great, but I don't think it was really meant to be for the song? 

Joe: Ok. 

Liam: Your voice was great, but your expressions... it didn't really wow me. 

Joe: I'll work on that. 

Liam: *smiles* Ok. 

Niall: I wasn't much of a fan. 

Joe: Why? 

Niall: Oh? *laughs* Because I wasn't feeling the beat and your voice together. 

Joe: Well when I win, I'm gonna make sure you're booted out the band. 

Louis: Oooh, you did not just say that.  

Joe: Did I say you can talk? 

Louis: No, but it is my turn now. I was gonna say I love your voice, but hearing that attitude from you, isn't gonna make you a star mate. 

Joe: Well you're not a great singer, so I wouldn't be talking. 

Louis: *gets upset a little* 

Liam: Let's vote now. 

Harry: No. 

Liam: No. 

Simon: No. 

Louis: No. 

Niall: Nope. 

Joe: Well who wants to be in a gay boy band anyways. *walks off stage* 

Simon: *give the look to the boys* He did not just... 

Louis: I'm sure he was talking about himself only Si. 

Harry: Hi, what's your name? 

Matt: I'm Matt Morgan. 

Simon: Matt, tell us a little about yourself please. 

Matt: I'm Matt Morgan, I'm 18. I left my band to become a member of One Direction and yeah. 

Louis: How, how long have you been in your band? 

Matt: Since I was eleven. 

Louis: Seven years? And you left it to be a member of One Direction? 

Matt: Yes. 

Louis: What makes you think you're gonna win? 

Matt: Oh? Well um, I have the looks, I'm a leader, I have a talented voice, and I think I can steal the crowd. 

Louis: Ok, what song will you be singing for us? 

Matt: Crank That by Soulja Boy. 

Louis: *chuckles* Alright, let's hear it. 

Matt: *raps* 

Simon: *stops matt* Do you have a backup song? 

Matt: Yeah I do actually. 

Simon: What is it? 

Matt: It Will Rain by Bruno Mars. 

Simon: Let's hear that. 

Matt: *sings* If you ever leave me baby... 

Liam: I think I like his voice more like this. 

Harry: Yeah, it sounds a lot nicer. 

Matt: *finishes singing* 

Harry: Can I just say that you saved your own life from going home. 

Matt: *smiles big* 

Liam: I was impressed when you started to sing. I was like whoa; this guy can rap and sing. 

Matt: *laughs* 

Niall: I seriously loved your second performance. Like Harry said, you saved your life by singing over rapping. 

Matt: Thanks. *smiles* 

Louis: I loved it, I'm a huge fan already and I can't wait for you to join us. *smiles* 

Simon: And I can't wait to sign you with the boys. *smiles* 

Matt: *amazed* Wow, thank you so much. *smiles big* 

Louis: Let's vote. Niall. 

Niall: Yes. 

Louis: Yes. *smiles* 

Simon: It's a big fat yes for me. 

Liam: I'm gonna have to say... yes. *smiles* 

Matt: *smiles* 

Harry: Well, we can't wait to have you in the band. *smiles* It's a yes from me as well.  

Matt: *smiles big* Thank you all so much, I won't let you guys down.  

Simon: Alright, thank you all for coming and joining, but eventually, it is now time for the cuts. *looks at his papers* 

Matt: *sighs* 

Simon: Jim, Alex, Chris M, Rob E., Gilbert, Lewis, Webster, Tony, you guys didn't make it to the next round. 

Liam: Robbie R, Luke, Ryan, Ivan, Evan, Henry, and Frank, you guys didn't make it to the next round. 

Niall: Derek, Ken, Max, Frankie, Jared, Kendrick, and Gore, you guys didn't make it to the next round. 

Louis: Matt, Hunter, Chris W, Kenneth, Mark, Mike, Marcus, Anthony, Maximus, Andrew, Seth, Bryan, and Nick, you guys made it to the next round. *smiles* 

Matt: *exhales* Thank god. *smiles* 

Harry: Leo, Terrence, Ethan, Isaac, Damien, John, and Xavier, congrats you guys made it to the top 20. *smiles* 

Terrence: *hugs matt* 

Matt: Congrats mate. 

Terrence: Thanks mate.

(Into the Semi-finals)

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