Find My Way

Find My Way; Kim and Zayn have been together for five years. Everyone thought there relationship was perfect. It was perfect... until one day. Kim woke up and Zayn was gone. She looked far and deep into the ocean, but no signs of him. Everyone started to get worried. Zayn left and no one knows why. He left no clues, no hints, nothing. His house was empty, the calls were dismissed, the text messages are ignored. No one knows where Zayn is. The search for a new member began. Where We Are Tour has started.... Where is Zayn?


3. 1.3

Louis: Kim? 

Liam: *rings the doorbell* 

Louis: Who is it? 

Liam: Open up Louis, it's us. 

Louis: *opens the door*  

Liam: We heard from Simon? What happened and why are you here? 

Louis: I heard first and called Kim and came straight here. 

Harry: What happened? 

Louis: Well Zayn's missing. 

Niall: *about to cry* 

Louis: Kim's been crying, she's probably resting right now. 

Harry: *barges into the room* Kim? 

Kim: *crying* Harry. *gets up and hugs harry* 

Harry: I'm sorry. *kisses kims cheek* 

Kim: I'm so scared and worried for him Harry. 

Liam: Kim. 

Kim: Liam. 

Liam: What happened? 

Niall: *walks in silently*  

Kim: After you guys left, Zayn and I watch a movie out in the livingroom and I fell asleep. He told me he was gonna charge his phone and come back. I fell asleep again and when I woke up at six from hearing the birds chirp, he was already gone. I been looking for him this whole time and I'm so drained out and exhausted.  

Liam: Have you tried calling him? 

Louis: *enters the scene* We tried, his number is out of service. 

Kim: *looks at Louis* 

Louis: Look, we have to find him. Simon called me and he's pretty... 

Harry: Upset, yeah he called us too. 

Liam: So where do we start? 

Louis: Well we can't look at his place because Kim already did, plus I'm sure the news reporters are still there hoping to see us and ask us questions. 

Niall: Well let's search somewhere where he will most likely be? 

Tricia: *calls kim* 

Kim: Oh no, his mom's calling. 

Niall: How did it travel so fast to London? 

Louis: *walks into the room and sits next to kim* Pick it up. 

Kim: Hi mom. *fakes a smile* 

Tricia: The news... *cries* It said that Zayn's gone missing from your home. Is that true? 

Kim: Yeah, it's true. He's gone missing and he didn't bother to tell me where he was going. 

Tricia: Honey, I need you to tell me the truth. 

Kim: Mom, I am! *cries* 

Tricia: You two been together for five years, he won't just leave like that.  

Kim: He wouldn't leave the band without telling them neither. 

Tricia: Something happened, he can't just walk off and not tell anyone. 

Kim: *cries harder* 

Louis: *grabs the phone* Hi Tricia, it's Louis here. I'm sure Kim didn't have anything to do with it. I believe her. If anything, Zayn should have told her where he was going or informed one of us members.  

Tricia: *crying* Louis, I'm just scared that something bad might happen to him. 

Louis: I'm sure he's fine. *smiles fake* 

Tricia: Please help look for him. 

Louis: We will, we'll call you later. *hangs up* Well he's not on his way home I can say that. 

Liam: That's it!  

Niall: What? 

Liam: With so many airlines, and there's five... of us. Let's each contact the airlines to see him if they have any trace of him. 

Louis: Brilliant idea Liam. 

Kim: *calls a few airlines* 

Niall: *calls a few airlines* 

Liam: *calls a few airlines* 

Louis: No trace. 

Harry: *hangs up* Yeah, same here. 

Liam: Ok, thank you. 

Louis: Anything? 

Liam: No. *looks at niall* 

Niall: Nope. 

Kim: Can you please look again; maybe you missed it or something. No? Ok, thank you. 

Niall: Anything Kim? 

Kim: No. 

Louis: Well, I guess we'll just have to go with Niall's plan. 

Niall: He must be nearby, he doesn't go far. 

Kim: Let's go! Stop talking! 

Louis: *follows kim* 

Harry: I'll go check in there, wait here. 

Liam: No, we're all gonna go check together. 

Harry: Alright then. 

Kim: Hi, did Zayn happen to come in today? 

Worker 1: No, Zayn didn't come in today. He mostly does every morning before nine to order his tea, but I didn't see him today, sorry.  

Kim: It's ok. 

Worker 1: Is everything ok? 

Louis: *pulling kim away* Um yeah everything's fine. *leaves* 

Kim: Where else could he be guys? 

Louis: Look at me Kim. 

Kim: *looks Louis in the eyes* 

Louis: Everything's gonna be ok. We're gonna find him, it may not be tonight or tomorrow or tomorrow night, but it'll be soon ok. Don't worry, I'm sure he's fine. 

Kim: *walks off* 

Louis: The cars this way. 

Kim: *walks back the other way* 

(Two Hours Later)

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