Colorful Love

Seeing him sitting there brought a smile to your face. Tears to your eyes. Memories to your mind. You thought back to when you had first laid eyes on each other. It wasn't love at first sight but things change. People change.

It wasn't meant to be love. Nothing close but your heart wants what it wants. Were Zayn and Kate meant to last? Or will secrets tear them apart?


2. Chapter2

I walked up to the house and opened the door, cautiously walking in.

 "Zayn are you in here?" I said peeking around the corner into the now darkened kitchen.There was no response. I finally gave up looking downstairs and went upstairs to continue my search . When I was at the top of the steps I tiptoed down the hallway. Soon I saw a door that was open so I walked into the room to see Zayn sitting on the end of the bed.

  "Babe what are you doing up here." I said curiously.

  "I was bored so I came up here." Zayn spoke, I walk towards him and he grabs my belt loops, pulling me down on top of him.

   "You don't know how long I have waited to lay with you." Zayn whispered in my ear as his hands found their way down my back.

   I propped myself up on my arms, giving him a smile.

  "Yeah, no. You're going to have to wait!" I smirked as he chuckled, standing up.

  "Come on!" I urged, grasping his arm as he followed me outside.

When we made it outside people were starting to leave so I said my goodbyes. As I gave my last few hugs Zayn came behind me and his hands found their way around my waist sitting his chin on my shoulder.

 "Well I guess I better get going, I love you" i say as i hug my family members.

 "Hey babe if you're going to my house then you better go get packed" Zayn said pulling me closer to him.

  "Ok let me go tell my mom" I said my voice traling off al i jogged in the other direction

   "Hey mom i am going to Zayn's house, Is that ok with you." I spoke not really caring what she would say.

    "Yeah thats fine with me, I love you" my mom says with a little bit of wordiness in her voice.

    "OH! and don't forget to call me" my mom said, I didn't quite hear that last part so i didn't know what she said.  i walked away and went to the house grabbing Zayn by the hand as I walked into the house. When I got to my room I went into my closet and tried to grab my bag but it was to high up. I try to jump and get but the effort failed.

     "Hey do you need some help there shorty" i hear a tired voice speak. I turned around, meeting Niall's eyes.

      "Yeah" I say ashamed of my height.

      "I hate being short it is no fun" I say just above a whisper with aggravation.

      "Well don't worry Zayn sure seems to like that your short" Niall says.

      "Really" I spoke, surprised. I always thought it was one of those things nobody liked.

       "Yeah don't get me started all he can talk about on the bus is how my girl is so cute and blah blah blah blah blah" Niall exclaims. I look down and my cheeks redden.

         "Wow my boyfriends an idiot" I giggle, playfully rolling my eyes.

          "Trust me it can get a bit annoying" Niall said, chuckling. Niall finally got my suitcase down and handed it to me.

          "Thanks Niall." I spoke smiling at him. I proceeded to go to my drawers and grab three t-shirts, two pairs of pants, socks, underwear, and bras. I fold all of my stuff and organize it in my bag.

        "Oh I almost forgot to get my hair brush and toothbrush" I say quietly, as I turned to quickly jog down the hallway. When I get to the bathroom i find My hair brush that was hidden in the basket under the sink and grabbed my toothbrush from the holder by the sink. When I get back to my room I put my toothbrush in my makeup bang and place both my makeup bag and hair brush in my bag.

    “Hey babe are you coming or not?” Zayn’s voice echoed through the hallway

    “Yeah I am just zipping up my bag right now and i will be down in a second.” I yell from my room to Zayn.I finally have everything around and walk downstairs  to see Zayn waiting for me.

    “Hey babe.” he says pulling me closer to him and his hand finding their way around my waist.

    “Hey” I say resting my arms on his neck.

    “Oh shit,Zayn do you know wheres Brenna i have to say goodbye.”

    “Yeah she is outback with Harry.”Zayn responds.

    “OK I ‘ll be right back.”I quickly give him a kiss and walk down the hallway to the back door.walking outside,sure enough i see Brenna and Harry outside up against the big oak tree in the corner kissing.

    “ Hey hey hey break it up here i need to say goodbye to my sister.” I say in hopes that they will pull away. 

    “ What was that for” Brenna retorts.

    “Hey you ruined my moment I can sure as hell ruin yours.”I snap back happy with the feeling of revenge.

    “Well I’m going to Zayn’s so, Yeah” I say unsure

    “So what” Brenna says

    “Are you fucking serious I want a hug DUH!”I say sternly. Brenna embraces me and hug for about two minutes.

“Well I guess I better get going” i says solemnly I start to walk away i hear Harry say

“Hey Kate don’t forget to use protection” Harry says cheekily

"GOSH! I never said that that was ever going to happen"I yell as walk in the other direction towards the house. When i reached the back door I pushed the lach on the door opening it granting me access into the house.

"Hey babe are you ready to go" I yell up the stairs to Zayn.

"Yeah, I am I will be down in like two seconds" Zayn replies

"Okay and while you at it could you grab my bag" I ask. When Zayn came down the stairs he tossed it to me a i let it fall into my arms. After I Had my bag in my grasp I gripped the door knob as I turned it. The door quickly opened as i pushed the screen door.i stepped out onto the porch and walked to the car opening the passenger's side door and placing my bag over the back of the seat and onto the back seat. Zayn followed not to far behind and we both slid into our seats as he turned the car engine on.

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