Colorful Love

Seeing him sitting there brought a smile to your face. Tears to your eyes. Memories to your mind. You thought back to when you had first laid eyes on each other. It wasn't love at first sight but things change. People change.

It wasn't meant to be love. Nothing close but your heart wants what it wants. Were Zayn and Kate meant to last? Or will secrets tear them apart?


1. Chapter 1

Kate's POV

    The sun began setting in Illinois as Brenna and I got ready to watch the fireworks. We both walked away to go get a chair and other essentials that we needed to have for the show. I headed over to a clearing where the fireworks would be clearly visible. While I set up, suddenly a cold liquid shot at my back as I screamed in terror. I turned around, drenched in Pepsi as Brenna stood with a cheeky smile on her lips.

    "Opps..." She smiled, the can thrown to the ground as she walked up beside me, laughing at the sight.

    "Brenna you know you're going to have to clean this up." I said, irritation sweeping over my amused yet clearly angered features.

    "Fine mom, I'll get the hose!" She pouted, sticking her tongue out as we both let giggles became audible. She walked away, towards the house where the hose was wound up, sitting beside the porch.

      I headed towards the cooler to retrieve a new bottle of pepsi when I felt two small arms wrap around my torso. I slightly jumped at the cold skin but I thought nothing of it

It's probably another one of my hyper cousin, I thought to myself.

    I shrugged my shoulders, continuing on back to my seat as footsteps were heard behind me.

    "Kate" A small boyish voice spoke. An unexpected smile tugged at my lips as I processed this persons voice in my head. Joseph. I turned around, looking down as he head flung up to meet my eyes. I smiled, kneeling down beside him as my heart began racing. Was Zayn here with Joseph? Of course not Kate, he had concerts to attend, stop thinking about him.

   "Hi buddy!" I smiled, rubbing my hand against his clothed arm. He gave a toothed smile as I chuckled, taking him in. He was truly the cutest little boy ever. His deep brown eyes resembled those of my current lover. His hair was constantly quiffed, as I was convinced Zayn had hypnotized him to wear it no other way.

    He was the little version of Zayn and when he was around, my mind and heart began racing.

    A sharp jabbing of the finger distracted my daydream as I shook my head, focusing on his desperate attempt to get my focus on something I evidently didnt notice.

    "What is it?" I asked looking around, stopping at a gray beanie. I smiled, thinking back to Zayn...STOP IT!

   I gave Joseph a confused look as he sighed, rolling his eyes. I chuckled as Joseph clinged to my arm, dragging my through the large crowd of people. I just smiled, going along with whatever crazy idea he had invented in his mind. I wonder if you have to pay to take someone to a mental institution...

     He led me over to where the boy with the gray beanie sat as I looked down, confusion sweeping over my once amused eyes. Was he trying to play match maker? I was with...

    My thoughts were cut off as Joseph poked his index finger at this males back, making him turn around. He looked up at me, smiling as I gasped, dropping Joseph's hand. This male opened his arms wide as I happily embraced him, nuzzling my head into his warm neck.

    "I missed you baby!" He whispered into my ear as I nodded, tears squeezing from my eyes. I finally found the strength to pull away as I looked into his beautiful brown eyes which I had fallen in love with.

    "Wait, if you're Harry surprising Brenna?" I asked. Before Zayn could reply a high -pitched scream filled the air as clapping aroused from the clearly loved up audience. I cocked my eyebrows, dragging Zayn through the crowd as we found out what had been going on.

    A warm feeling spread through me as I reached the sight. Harry held Brenna, lifting her off the ground as she was spun around in the air. They laughed as she was set down, a kiss pressed to her lips. They were truly adorable together. They were always flirting and it was weird at times but that's what made their relationship so...strong?

     Zayn interlaced our hands as we smiled at the sight.

     "The whole way here, Harry wouldn't shut up about her...I considered throwing him off the plane..." Zayn chuckled, whispering into my ear as another warm fuzzy feeling coursed through me. I chuckled along with him, thinking about Harry falling from a plane. What? I have a vivid imagination.

     "But then you would get in trouble and I wouldn't be able to see you!" I pouted, my arms snaking back around his waist. He nodded, pressing his lips to mine as my own little fireworks started.

    "I thought you had concerts!" I spoke softly, pulling away as we looked into each others eyes.

    ''I might have lied!" He smiled, as I playfully rolled my eyes.

    "Gee, thanks Zayn. I sat for days crying because I missed you and it was all a cheeky one!" I laughed as his hands placed themselves on my waist.

    "Only for you babe!" He smiled, his lips reconnecting with mine as I immediately kissed back. Of course, Brenna and Harry, being the moment ruiners they are, decided to have a little fun. Before I knew it, Zayn and I were being shot at with the hose, drenched in water. First Pepsi now water. Brenna's on a roll.

    "Geesh Kate, stop getting so wet!" Brenna teased as Harry burst into laughter, falling onto his knees.

    "Thats what she said!" Harry coughed, his cheeks red from laughter. Everybody began laughing along as I gave Brenna a playful glare. She shrugged

   "Well that's beautiful, I'm going to go change and leave you two love birds to it!" I smiled, Harry and Brenna to focused on each other to listen to me.

   "Or you could just take your clothes off." Zayn winked my cheeks heating as I shook my head.

   "Oh come on, I know you're wearing a bathing suit!'' He teased, poking at my side as I laughed, jumping sideways. I sighed, pulling my shirt off as I left my shorts on, my bathing suit top covering a minimal space on my chest.

   ''See that wasn't so bad now was it" Zayn said smiling as his hands finding my waist and trailing south.

   "Ah ah ah not yet you have to wait till later" I say with a cheeky smile. Zayn gave me a look and kissed me.

    ''Hey babe what time is it" Zayn asked curiously. I reached i my pocket and grabbed my phone.

    "It is 7:00" i said motioning for him to go sit down and wait for the display to start.

  As it started to get darker outside the fireworks started and the flashes of colors were truly beautiful. But in the middle of the display i noticed that Zayn was not in the chair next to me, so i decided to go look for him.


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