It's My Life, Not Yours

Abby was just 17 years old, just like every other teen she has friends and goes to parties. She has had her fair share of boyfriend's one night after a party she decideds to give up her virginity to her current boyfriend. A few weeks later when she finds out she is pregnant her whole life flips, her boyfriend doesn't want a child and refuses to believe it is his. He spread rumors around school that Abby is a whore and sleeps with any guy. She doesn't know what to do, she won't ge an abortion but she can't raise a child on her own when he dad wants to kick her out of the house.


2. Chapter 2-Nothing Will Help

It had been two weeks since Abby and James had sex, they were still together and Abby was certain she wasn't pregnant. I mean how could she be, it was her first time and what are the odds of her actually getting pregnant? Her period was due in just 3 days and it was always on it. She had nothing to worry about, James was still a loving boyfriend and hadn't changed since that night. 
When Luke found out that they hadn't used protection he went ballistic. He yelled at Abby for being so stupid and careless, he told her that she was too young to have a child and that he was sure a guy James' age didn't want one. Abby assured her brother that nothing would happen and that she wasn't pregnant, Luke still had his doubts but reluctantly agreed with his younger sister sister and kept his promise of not telling their dad. After all it was his sister and she was one of the most innocent girls out there, when she was 12 she had asked her brother, in front of all his friends, where babies came from. Now 12 is an old age to not know that, but their mother had died when Abby was young and she was never given the 'talk' or was told about sex, much less that that was how children were made.
Abby went on with her life as if nothing happened, but the day her period was due, and nothing happened she was a little worried. She just figured it was natural that it might be a few days late, most people didn't always have their's on time. But after 4 days she was becoming paranoid, never had her period been so late. She tried to ignore it but she couldn't, she was sick at the idea that she might actually be pregnant. That there might be another human growing inside of her. By the 6th day she couldn't stand it anymore, after school Abby took Becky to a CVS a few miles out of town to buy a pregnancy test, as she held the test in the CVS  bathroom praying that it was negative, Becky stood there trying to comfort her friend. 
She told her there was no way she was pregnant and that she was just so paranoid that it was  probably prolonging her period. But after a few minutes and Abby look at the little screen on the stick, her heart sunk. She was indeed pregnant, but Becky told her that the test might be wrong and that it could just he a cheap brand. They went and bought three more, all different brands and tried them. But they all came back with the same result, positive. Abby broke down into tears on the bathroom floor, screaming how she was too young to be a mother. There was only two months left of her Junior year in high school, she was almost a Senior, how could she be pregnant? She had her whole life ahead of her, she couldn't ruin it with by haveing a child.

As Becky drove Abby back to her house, she tried to tell her friend that it was okay and that she would be all right. But what was going through Abby's mind and kept replaying was her brother yelling at her her for not using protection and telling her that if she did get pregnant James wouldn't want want to become a father. She didn't know how she was going to tell her friends and family, or if she was even going to. She didn't know if she wanted to tell James, or if she was going to keep the baby. 
 When Becky pulled up in front of Abby's house, Abby turned toward her friend and made her swear that she wouldn't tell a single soul about this. Becky understood that her friend needed time to think about this, she herself was having a hard time wrapping it around her head that her best friend was pregnant.
Abby got out of the car and ran straight to her room, luckily her dad was still at work and her brother was at college and only came home on the weekends. She grabbed her pillow and sobbed into it, screaming and yelling profanities trying to get her anger out. But she couldn't, nothing could fix this.A while later she felt her phone vibrant on her bed, she looked at the caller I.D. and saw that it was James, what a surprise. 
She whiped away her tears and cleared her throat before answering the call, "Hey" she said trying to not break into tears again. "Hey Abs I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies or something tonight." He asked hopefully. His girlfriend had been acting a little strange the past few days and he wanted to spend some time with her and make sure everything was okay with her.
"Uh, I don't think I can. I'm not feeling to well right now, sorry maybe some other time."  James told her that he understood and would text her later. He thought she was probably on her period and just wanted to be alone, he would give her the space she needed and wouldn't push it, if only that were the case. They hung up and Abby went back to moping about her situation and James went back finishing his homework. 


Abby lied in her bed for another half an hour until her dad came home and started to cook dinner. She had decided that she would tell James tomorrow when he dropped her off at her house after school, and if he took it well tomorrow night when Luke came home Abby and James could tell both her dad and Luke. Maybe they wouldn't be so mad if James was there and was going to help Abby.
She walked out of her room and into the kitchen and hopped up on the counter opposite to where her dad was making dinner. "How was school?" Her dad asked her. "Fine, boring as usual." Abby replied with a laugh. "I remember those days, sometimes I wish I was young again. To not have to worry about coming home to cook dinner for my family, not having  to save every cent for my kids. You should enjoy this life as long as you can Abby. It won't last long." Her father told her. Yeah, you don't even know how short of time I have left of being a kid she thought.
"So what's for dinner?" She asked changing the subject. He dad's face lite up, "Chicken parmesan and green beans." Abby's dad always wanted to be a big chef, but didn't make it far. So he now worked at a tiny restaurant a few towns over as head chef. "Sound good." 
"It is, have you finished your homework?" He looked at his daughter with a warning stare, "Not yet, but I will." She said hopping down from the counter top and ran to her room. Abby opened her school bag and pulled out all of the materials she needed. She sat down on her bed with her laptop next to her, and she began to do her Math homework. She was almost done when her mind started to wonder, she on Google and searched 'What not to eat/do when pregnant' she found a whole bunch of parenting sites and things of the sort. 
She clicked on one and read through a whole list of foods you shouldn't eat, foods you should, places you shouldn't be, things you shouldn't do an others while a person is pregnant.  As she was looking through the site there was a knock at her door that mad her change tabs as fast as she possibly could. "Yes?" She called trying to steady her heart beat, she read that it wasn't healthy for the baby if the mother got too stressed out or worked up. "Dinner is ready!" Her dad called from the other side of the door. She closed out.of the parenting website and logged off her computer before walking out to the dinning room to eat dinner.

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