It's My Life, Not Yours

Abby was just 17 years old, just like every other teen she has friends and goes to parties. She has had her fair share of boyfriend's one night after a party she decideds to give up her virginity to her current boyfriend. A few weeks later when she finds out she is pregnant her whole life flips, her boyfriend doesn't want a child and refuses to believe it is his. He spread rumors around school that Abby is a whore and sleeps with any guy. She doesn't know what to do, she won't ge an abortion but she can't raise a child on her own when he dad wants to kick her out of the house.


1. Chapter 1-Oops

Abby woke up to someone rubbing her lower back and playing with her hair, "Abby" they whispered in her ear. She barley shifted her position, just curling up more into the person's body. "Abby, wake up baby." they pleaded with her. She batted them away carelessly trying to fall back asleep, she was almost asleep when she felt someone kissing from her cheek down her neck. "James, stop it. It's too early." she whined. "It's almost noon Ab." this got her attention. She shot upright in the bed looking at the clock on the bedside table. Her heart started beating faster, she grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her naked body and started the search for her clothes.

"Babe, what are you doing?" James asked as he sat upright in the bed, with his blanket just covering from his waist down. "I was supposed to be home last night James. I didn't tell my dad I would be out all night, much less stay at your house till mid day." She had finally located her bra and underwear and slipped it on, she dropped the blanket and then began looking for her top and bottom. She was looking under piles of clothes and around the bed, she thought James had thrown it around here last night. "Looking for these babe?" James asked, she turned around to see him standing in just his boxers and holding out the articles of clothing she had been desperately searching for. She reached out to grab the clothes but James pulled back, "You get them back when you kiss me." He said crossing his arms.

"James, I don't have time for this. I need to get home before I'm grounded for life." She reached out to grab her clothes but James took a step back. "You can't just sleep with me and run off. C'mon here and give me a kiss and I will let you go." He said sternly. Abby sighed in defeat and reluctantly walked towards him and gave him a peck on the lips. She pulled back and snatched her clothes out of her boyfriends grasp and ran into his bathroom to put on her clothes without him pestering her any furthur. Abby looked at herself in the mirror and ran her fingers through her crazy hair trying to tame it. The second she stepped out of the bathroom James pinned her against the wall with her arms above her head. His face was so close to hers and he was staring into her eyes.

"I asked you to kiss me, that was not a kiss." he growled. Abby smirked at him, "Are you mad?" she teased. He tightened his grip on her wrists and moves one hand down to her waist. "You know damn well I am." he sneered. "What are you going to do about it?" James squeezed Abby's hip and slammed his lips into hers. He bite her lower lip and slide his tounge into her mouth, James emited a growl and let go of Abby's wrists and wrapped his hand in her hair. He held her head firmly and started kissing from her mouth to her neck, sucking and biting ocasionly. A low moan was released from Abby and she gripped the back of his shoulders, "J-James, I have to go." she stutterd.

"Should have thought of that when I asked you to kiss me." he went back to making a mark right under her left ear. Abby felt her mind becoming foggy and she was losing concentration on what she needed to do. "J-James, I need to. I n-need." She muttered, enjoying the pleasure too much. "Need to what baby?" James teased her. "I need to, need to go." She moaned. James bit into her neck pericing the skin and drawing blood. She groaned and dug her nails into his shoulder blades, squeezing her eyes closed as the pain passed. James ran his tounge over over the bite and placed a small kiss to it.  

"Now you can go baby." He said in a soft loving voice, much different from the one he was using not long ago. Abby looked up at James and touched his face, stroking his cheek. "Okay, bye baby." She kissed his cheek and he let her go, she walked out of his  room and headed towards the front house. James followed her to the front door and watched her walk home. 



The second Abby walked into the Rodney household her father jumped at her with questions. "Abbigal, where the hell have you been? You were gone all night and you didn't even call or send a text! I didn't know where you were, what you were doing, or who you were with!"  She turned to the couch where her dad was sitting, "I'm sorry, I drank too much at the party and didn't want to take the chance of walking home or driving so Becky took me to her house." she lied. Her father sighed and looked at her, "I'm glad you didn't drive or do anything stupid. But why didn't you call me? I was worried sick about you, I even called your brother!" 

"I didn't want to call you and be dissapointed in me. I know how you feel about underadged drinking and I knew you would be mad." She walked over to her dad and sat down next to him. "I'm really sorry." She said as she placed a hand on her father's shoulder. "It's fine Abby, but please don't do this again. And if it does, call me. I was your age once and I know what it was like." Abby told her dad that she wouldn't drink at another party. 

The second Abby got into her room, she pulled out her phone and sent a text to Becky,

         To Becky: Hey, if my dad asks i was @ ur house lst nite.K?

        From Becky: Sure, wer u w/ J?

        To Becky: Yeah ;)

Abby laid down in her bed and curled up under the blankets. She was a little sore from last nights events with James. She didn't regret giving upher virginity last night, expescially to James.She really liked him, more than any other guy she has dated before.  She thought she might even love him, but she didn't really know for sure. Abby had only been with James for 3 months, one of her longest relationships so far. 

Abby had fallen asleep, and woke up around 5 p.m. to two men arguing. She walked upto her door and listened to what the people were saying. "She is 17 dad! She shouldn't be going out and getting drunk! She needs to concentrate on school so she can graduate next year and get into a good college." She heard her brother, Luke, yell. "She is doing fine! She has at least a B in every class. You did exactly what she is doing when you were her age! Let her make mistakes and learn from them!" Her dad yelled at his only son and eldest child. "I don't care what I did! I don't want her doing that! I know how guys at that age think and I  don't want any of them taking advantage of her. She is my little sister!" Luke screamed.

"Would you keep it down, you are going to wake her up!" 

"I don't care! She needs to be woken up! I'm going to talk to her about this! She does not need to be getting drunk!"  Luke yelled. Abby could hear his footsteps coming towards here room. "Luke, don't you go in there! Leave her alone." Her father yelled. Abby ran back to her bed and got under the blankets and preteneded to be asleep.
Her bedroom door was thrown open and an angry Luke was standing in the doorway. He walked over to Abby' s side and nudged her. "Abby." He said in a stern voice. She barley moved, not wanting to give away that she wasn't really sleeping and heard them. "Abby I know you are awake. You couldn't sleep if someone was whispering in the room next to you."  

Abby groaned and opened her eyes to look at her older brother. "What?"  She asked irritated. "I know you weren't at Becky's last night, so why don't you tell me where you really were." Abby decided  to play the innocent card, "What do you mean? I was at Beck-" Luke cut her off. "Don't lie to me, I won't tell dad. But if you don't tell me I will go to Becky and ask her, and we both know she will tell me." They both knew Becky had a huge crush on Luke, and she would do anything for his attention. "Fine, I was with James." Abby said after a few minutes of debating in her head. Luke nodded, "And what did you and this James do?" Abby's face turned a light shade of pink and she nervously said, "That is none of your business."  Luke chuckled, "Did you have sex with him?" Even taliking about the subject with her brother was one of the most uncomfortable things she has ever done. She played with her fingers in her lap trying to avoid answering the question.
"I will take that as a yes. Did you guys at least use protection?" And that's when it dawned on her, the number 1 thing she forgot. She had been taught and had it drilled in her head to never sleep with someone without protection. She broke the number 1 rule, oops.

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