Jade's parents died in a fire when she was six. She lived with her aunt Elizabeth (Ellie) ever since. Ellie started to date a nineteen year old boy that she met online. His name is Harry Styles. Awkward. Even awkwarder is that she's 40. Harry soon develops a liking for Jade, and Niall, one of Harry's best mates, does too. Which will she choose: Harry or Niall ?


7. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

(Harry's POV)

"What the hell! I told Niall to back off! This one was mine!" I thought as I started to clench my fist. "If he's going to be like that, I'll have to try way harder." I murmured and walked into the house.

(Niall's POV)

"Thanks." I said as Jade handed me my Hot Chocolate.

"No problem! I'll lend you some of my old boyfriend's clothes, I accidentally packed them." She said, rummaging through her suitcase.

"Jade, you don't have to its fine."

"But Niall you're dripping wet! I need to find you something to wear while I dry your actual clothes!" She said with a playful tone.

"Fine, but you don't need to do all of this. I can manage by myself!" I said and took the clothes. I walked into the bathroom and changed clothes. I heard Harry walk into the house and sit onto the couch. He was talking to Jade about something but I couldn't hear. I buttoned my pants and looked in the mirror to make sure I looked fine. I wore a plain black shirt and jeans. It was pretty casual and it fit fine. I walked out the bathroom and sat next to Jade.

"We're watching The Hunger Games. Are you okay with that?" She asked with a smile. I replied with a nod and sipped my drink.

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