Jade's parents died in a fire when she was six. She lived with her aunt Elizabeth (Ellie) ever since. Ellie started to date a nineteen year old boy that she met online. His name is Harry Styles. Awkward. Even awkwarder is that she's 40. Harry soon develops a liking for Jade, and Niall, one of Harry's best mates, does too. Which will she choose: Harry or Niall ?


5. Chapter 5

A/N: Hey Guys! Hope you like this chapter! xx.

(Niall's POV)

It was her. It was Ellie's niece.

"No, It's fine I was in your way." I said and moved over.

"What are you doing here? I saw a Starbucks by Harry's house the other day." She said.

"I was already in this part of town so I just stopped by, Do you want me to buy you one?" 

"No it's fine. I have money. Thank you though." She said and smiled.

"No I'll buy you one." I said and ordered us drinks.

"Thank you. You know you didn't have to do that." She said and went outside.

I followed her. Where was she going? There were empty tables inside. Why is she sitting with suitcases? Did she run away?

"Why did you run away?" I asked sitting down next to her.

"I didn't. Ellie kicked me out. Harry's in his way over here to pick me up right now."

"Oh." I said clenching my fist. She looked down at her phone and smiled.

"He's here now. See you later?" She asked getting up and picking up her suitcases.

"Yeah. I'm going to Harry's later. Bye Jade!" I said waving ad she left into a black Range Rover.

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