Jade's parents died in a fire when she was six. She lived with her aunt Elizabeth (Ellie) ever since. Ellie started to date a nineteen year old boy that she met online. His name is Harry Styles. Awkward. Even awkwarder is that she's 40. Harry soon develops a liking for Jade, and Niall, one of Harry's best mates, does too. Which will she choose: Harry or Niall ?


4. Chapter 4

A/N : I don't think I have any readers... I'll just sit in my corner and listen to Ed Sheeran now... Peaceskis xx.

(Jade's POV) 

After a few movies, I started to get tired. I looked over at Harry and he looked sleepy.

"Harry?" I asked.

"Mm?" Harry hummed in response.

"Where are you going to sleep? Elizabeth will get mad if she sees you sleeping in my room and we don't have a guest bedroom here."

"Erm.. Maybe the sofa.. Or in Elizabeth's room. Either one is fine for me." He said yawning.

"Okay. Good night Styles." I said getting up.

"Night Jade." Harry said and walked out of my room.

I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and hair. I washed my face and walked into my room again. I grabbed my diary, phone, and earphones off my shelves. I always listen to music when I sleep. It relaxes me. I skimmed through my messages and put my earphones in. I carefully opened my diary and wrote in it.

"Hey it's me again. Should I write that in the beginnings? Ugh I don't know. It seems too weird. Anyways, I'm just about to sleep. My new room seems nice. It suites me well. I'm really confused about Harry, Ellie's new boyfriend. Why does he even like her? She's ugly, mean, self-centered, and only cares about money. And that one blonde dude from Harry's was weird. I hate when guys look at girls like that. It's just sick. But I'll give him a chance before I judge him. He might be nice. Enough with my talking haha. I'm sleepy. Night xx." I wrote and put my diary back on the shelf. I put my blanket over my head and curled up into a ball.


(Harry's POV)

I heard screaming. It was a girl. It wouldn't stop. I got up from Ellie's room and walked towards the screaming. I heard it coming from Jade's room. I bursted the door open and ran over to Jade.

"Jade! What's wrong?!" I asked running up to her.

"S-Someone killed me." She stuttered trying to hold back tears.

"Was it a nightmare?" I asked putting my hand on her arm.

"Mhm." She said crying.

I got onto the bed and calmed her down.

"Shhh... It's okay. No one's going to kill you. You're safe with me. I won't let anyone hurt you. Please don't cry." I said as she calmed down a little.

"I'm scared." She said shaking .

" Want me to sleep in here with you?"

"Please." She said and I crawled into the bed.

I held her close to my body and I curled up with her. and sang Kiss Me and a few other Ed Sheeran song to her. I fell asleep a few minutes after with her in my arms .

(Jade's POV)

I woke up to screaming.

"WHAT THE FUCK JADE!" I heard someone yell.

I opened my eyes and saw Ellie.

"WHY IS MY BOYFRIEND IN YOUR BED?! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED! I'M KICKING YOU OUT AND YOU'LL HAVE TO FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE TO LIVE. YOU'RE 19 YOU CAN MANAGE. OH AND YOU AREN'T ALLOWED TO SEE HARRY EVER AGAIN!" She yelled and stormed out of my room. I packed my bags, again. Only one day here and I already got kicked out. Once I packed I went on twitter.

"@ItsTotallyJade: Ugh. Just got kicked out of my house. #itsjustahomelesslifeforme" I tweeted and went into the kitchen my suitcases in hand.

"Go! You can't eat here." Ellie said and pushed me out the door. God she's so mean. I went to the closest Starbucks and ordered a Iced Caramel Macchiato. I looked at my Twitter feed and saw a reply. A special one too. 

"@Harry_styles: @ItsTotallyJade are you okay? Want me to go get you?" It said.

"@ItsTotallyJade: @Harry_Styles Sure I'm at Starbucks oh wait I'm not allowed to be around you... Ellie's orders."

"@Harry_Styles: Shhh . We won't tell . On my way . "

I got out my diary and wrote in it like I usually do . "Okay I'm not going to but an intro on this one lol. Okay so I just got kicked out of the Evil Aunt's house. Well now Harry's on his way. I should get him a coffee. Just as a thank you. Byee xx." I wrote and put my diary away. I went into Starbucks and it was full of people. I walked in and was pushed into someone. He looked familiar. "Sorry! I really need to pay more attention." I said and looked into his blue eyes. He was familiar. He was they guy at Harry's house.

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