The Secret

Miley, Justin, Jack, Ryan and Chaz are back. The last you heard from them Miley got kidnapped by an anonymous person. What happens when Justin needs help? Will he put his differences aside and ask his cousin for help? Or will he just go by himself and risk getting killed? Would he risk everything even when his secrets are being threatened to be spilled?


4. Your Not Justin

-Miley's Pov-

So what do you know. I'm still alive. I heard the door open and then I heard a switch flick on. The person whoever he may be took a few cautious steps into the room. "M-" that's all I heard. Everything else was muffled. Seconds later I heard a struggle then I heard a gasp. "You little fuck." Jaden hissed. Seconds after I heard a bang followed by a piercing pain on my leg. I yelled in agony but because of the tape it sounded muffled. "M-" then I heard a loud thump on the ground. I started crying uncontrollably. I haven't cried since I been here. Like come on. Who wouldn't cry. It hurts. After what seemed like forever I heard some more footsteps. "Holy fuck." I heard a guy gasp out. "Over there." I heard my brothers voice? I felt two strong hands hold me. They carefully took the tape off my mouth and the blindfold off. I looked up into these big brown eyes. "Miley. What happened?" He asked. He looked like Justin but I had a feeling it wasn't him. "Y-you're not J-Justin." I stuttered out. "I'm Jason. I thought Justin was in here." He huffed. He picked me up carefully and I whined. "Jason be careful. She has a wound." I heard an older guy hiss. He looked like Jason and Justin but more mature and his hair was way darker and shorter. "I'm not stupid Alex. I know what I'm doing." Jason rolled his eyes and carried me out the room. I wrapped arms around his neck and just laid my head on his chest. He laid me down on this couch and took off his shirt and tied it tightly around the wound. "Guys I'm gonna take her home. Jack come with me. The rest stay and look for Justin." Jason ordered. I'm guessing he's like the leader. They all nodded and went their separate ways. Jack came by my side and hugged me tightly. "I love you." He kissed my cheek. I nodded. No emotion at all. Jason picked me up once more and carried me out the house with Jack following closely behind. "Jack go in the back with Miley. I'll drive." Jason ordered him like some military chief. He nodded and opened the door to the back of the car and moved out the way so Jason could've laid me down. Once I was in Jack hopped in the car I sat in the corner of my seat away from Jack . "Miley. Come here. I'm not gonna hurt you." Jack looked at me in shock. I shook my head. He grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. I just let him pull me even though my heart was racing. I know he's my brother but I'm scared. I can't trust anybody. He laid my head on his lap and rubbed my arm. "Close your eyes if your tired Miles." He smiled. I just did as I was told. 

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